Monday, 16 February 2009

A cat and a cottage

I took my stitching "I Do" in to my local shop to be framed, while I was on I took View from a Terrace too....... so that's a big bill!! They will be ready to collect next Saturday.... can't wait.
Over the weekend I was busy stitching on my little cat in a mug.... Here he is almost finished just a bit of back stitch left! He is so cute!!

I also spent lots of time over the last week stitching on Country Idyll, I am really enjoying this even though there are lots of colours. I was short of a few so I have ordered some off a seller on Ebay who sells bundles of 5/10/20 etc at a really good price. I think you can begin to see the cottage taking shape. I worked out I had stitched about 10% of the picture.

This week is half term holiday, so only me at work today!! I have booked Thursday and Friday off though, so a nice short week. I intend to finally finish painting Laura's bedroom!!!!

Tomorrow is a nerve racking day for the girls. Laura has her orthodontic appointment for the first fitting of her brace including 2 teeth being removed, so she is really nervous. Stuart is going with her.... I was too chicken!! Then Becky has her Grade 4 Tap dancing exam in the afternoon and she is convinced she'll get bits wrong! I have promised them both Ben and Jerry's ice cream tomorrow for after tea to make them feel better!!

So it is back to Henry tonight, don't the weeks fly by. I am looking forward to starting Anne Boleyn, she is Laura's favourite wife!!

Have a good week.

Ginnie x


Lisa said...

The cat is just too cute! Country Idyll is coming along nicely and I can't wait for more of Henry.

zetor said...

Love the stitching. The cat is cute. Hope tomorrow goes well for both girls!

Shellie said...

The Maggy Sherry cat looks great,Ive just mounted a Maggy Sherry card for my Nan( its on my blog)
The Cottage is really taking shape
Good Luck for both girls for tomz
Happy Henry Stitching
hugs Shellie

Annie said...

Love your stitching. That cate is the so adorable.

I'm a tap dancer too so I'm rooting for your daughter!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love that little cat in the mug.

Gill in Canada

Stitching Kath said...

Hope Laura is ok at the Orthodontist. Emma has a brace top and bottom and also had to have 2 teeth out. She is in agony for days when they change her brace so my advice get plenty of pain killers in the house.

love kath

Miss 376 said...

Love the cat in the mug, really sweet. Hope the girls get on ok tomorrow, better getting the teeth sorted now than to have problems later

Srinity said...

The cat is so cute! :)

I wish luck for both of your girls and a big bowls of ice cream!

Can't wait to see Henry again!

Julie said...

Hope all goes well for the girls today.
Cute little cat, the cottage is lovely

Tammy said...

Cute kitty :0) Can't wait to see a Henry update. Gl2 both of your girls.

Daffycat said...

The little Margaret Sherry design is really cute!

Good luck, Laura! My Jessie says the braces aren't too bad...just a bit owie and annoying to deal with. You brush your teeth a don't want decalcification to occur!

Cindy F. said...

Cute kittie!!
I'm behind, again, on reading...but I hope the girls day went well!

Anonymous said...

Cute. I'm not a great Margaret Sherry fan, but I do like this one.