Friday, 20 February 2009

Not much to show

Although I have stitched lots on Henry I haven't taken a picture yet, I will get one taken over the weekend. I am very pleased with how much I have done, I spent several hours on Wednesday night stitching and watching the Brits. Then yesterday and today I have been on holiday from work....yeah... so spent lots of yesterday afternoon stitching.

Today I spent the morning painting Laura's bedroom, nearly finished now. Thanks for all the well wishes for the girls, Laura now has a shiny 'train tracks' brace on half of the top of her teeth (next half to be fitted in May) she also has to have a couple of teeth out with our normal dentist before the next visit. Becky's exam went ok I think, although she says it was really hard, she'll get her results in about 5 weeks. On Monday Becky has her first orthodontist appointment so she'll be going down the same road as Laura, although her teeth don't stick out as much.

This afternoon we have all been shopping, I wanted to look at new phones as I want one for my birthday and I also wanted to look at clothes because I need something new to wear for Phil and Nicky's wedding. Sadly I didn't see either a phone or outfit that I want.... I am so picky!! To give ourselves all a treat we then went to Pizza Hut for tea...... boy am I stuffed full now!!

So here is a stitching picture to show - this is the biscornu design that was in The World of Cross Stitching last year. Since making that first one a few weeks ago I wanted to make another. I have actually managed to stitch some of this at work again...tut tut!!

And here is the Margaret Sherry Cat in a Mug finally completed!!

So back to Henry, I am actually working on the bottom of Jane's dress and the middle of Anne's...... looking forward to showing it to you over the weekend. I also go and pick up my framing tomorrow so will be showing those too.

Have a good weekend.

Ginnie x


Maggie said...

Hi Ginnie, I bet you have been to the dreaded Merry Hell shopping???
I loved seeing all your finishes, you have so many for 2009 already!.
Thanks for visiting my blog, i have added you to my list of blogs to visit now, how could i not you being a fellow Black Country Woman lol.
Maggie x

Donna said...

I love all your stitching!

Jan said...

I love the Sherry cat cup. It so cute.

Daffycat said...

Darling finish! I just love MS's kitties.

Nice WIP! I'm really looking forward to seeing Henry and the girls!

Theresa said...

oh your cat looks purrrfect.

Chiloe said...

I love the Margaret sherry serie!!! I'm going to have the mag soon ( yeah !!!)

The biscornu is going to look great!

Tammy said...

More sneaky stitching, eh? LOL-boy, I would too if I could! The biscornu colors are great and the kitty is adorable. Way to go!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hi Ginnie! I love all your stitching! Your Family tree is beautiful, and the I Do is so sweet. Your little kitty is a cutie and the biscounou is going to be beautiful (the colors are lovely). Have a great day!

Julie said...

The new biscornu looks nice and colourful.

Gaynor said...

Your little cat looks incredibly cute and I am looking forward to seeing Henry and his wives!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your kitty finish! Adorable! and I love your biscornu start! Pretty colors!

Anonymous said...

Pretty biscornu.