Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A yummy surprise!

I had a surprise delivery this morning, a box of Thornton's Chocolates delivered to my door for my birthday (on Saturday). It was from my lovely friends Sarah and Neil (and kids) and was such a lovely surprise.... I have never had chocolates delivered before! I will not eat any until the day!! Promise. Here's the picture.
I have just returned from my Stitching club, where I worked on my Lilliput Lane SAL as usual. They had a lovely fire on in the room, which was great at first but in the end we were all too hot, we came out red faced!!
Here is the photo of the stitching magazines I bought for 10p each on Saturday, mom wants to go back to the shop this weekend....... I must try not to be tempted by any more magazines..... I have enough to do!

I have one confession - I have had one naughty stash moment..... I have bought some fabric for the cushion cross stitch that was in the Cross Stitcher magazine a month ago. There is going to be a set of 4, one for each season, so I bought enough fabric to do the first 2.... even though the next chart isn't released yet!! May start it soon!

Otherwise this week I have been doing bits and bobs..... some of Lizzie Kate's Housework, some of my Stitching for a Cure ornament, some of Mom's Mother's Day card, some of D for Dancer and also a small bit of a card for a new baby that I started last year but got bored with! Will show pictures at the end of the week.

On my birthday we are going out for dinner, but haven't planned much else. I intend to have a nice lazy day, it's nice that my birthday this year is at the weekend..... maybe I'll stay in bed and get the girls to make me breakfast!!!

Ginnie x

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Much, much more to show today!!

I have lots of pictures to show today.... so where shall I start?
Yesterday we heard that Helen had her baby on Thursday, a little girl (which they knew) and they have called her Grace Elizabeth, she was 6lb 15oz. So I mounted my Somebunny stitching onto a card and here it is finished. Isn't it cute?

I also went to pick up my framing, which I am very pleased with. Here is I Do for Phil, I love the frame that was recommended to me, it really sets it off.

And here is my View from a Terrace, I was unsure if the mount and frame would work but I am very pleased with the result. I have hung it at the bottom of the stairs. It is so difficult to take a photo of the framed pieces, either the flash shines on it or with no flash you get the reflection of me in the glass taking the photo!! Oh well!

I also got a few bargains yesterday, we went to the wool/sewing/shoe shop too and I found that they also sell second hand books and magazines (amazing shop!! So full of stuff!!) I had a browse through the magazines and found loads of Cross Stiching mags that I hadn't got.... and they were 10p each!! So I bought 6 even if I don't use them they were only 10p!! There were 3 Cross Stitch Golds, 1 Cross Stitch Collection and 2 World of Cross Stitching, there is a lovely Venice picture in one, a lovely fairy tale princess on a horse in another and a lovely Joan Elliot Christmas Angel in another.... oh where shall I start!!! (was going to show a picture but blogger wouldn't let me load anymore!!)

Thought I would also show you some on my decorating!!! I often wonder why I bother when 2 seconds later the walls are covered with pictures again!! This is part of Laura's wall that I painted on Friday.... very pink!! Mind you I was as bad as a teenager, I had Duran Duran all over my walls!!!!

And finally what you have all been waiting for...... Henry and 2 of his wives! As you can see I have made good progress on Anne B and I have worked some more on the bottom of Jane's dress. Henry's head doesn't look quite so small now either as his hat is complete. The wives also have their names stitched..... but don't you think Anne looks very grumpy.... I just followed the chart!! Mind you she has a right to be grumpy as she does have her head cut off!!

I have a cold again today!! Can't stop sneezing which is a pain when you are stitching, so I am going to work on small bits and pieces today, I have a Mother's Day card I want to do and more of my biscornu. Next week I am back working on Lizzie Kate - Housework and Warwickshire Map.

Happy stitching

Ginnie x

Friday, 20 February 2009

Not much to show

Although I have stitched lots on Henry I haven't taken a picture yet, I will get one taken over the weekend. I am very pleased with how much I have done, I spent several hours on Wednesday night stitching and watching the Brits. Then yesterday and today I have been on holiday from work....yeah... so spent lots of yesterday afternoon stitching.

Today I spent the morning painting Laura's bedroom, nearly finished now. Thanks for all the well wishes for the girls, Laura now has a shiny 'train tracks' brace on half of the top of her teeth (next half to be fitted in May) she also has to have a couple of teeth out with our normal dentist before the next visit. Becky's exam went ok I think, although she says it was really hard, she'll get her results in about 5 weeks. On Monday Becky has her first orthodontist appointment so she'll be going down the same road as Laura, although her teeth don't stick out as much.

This afternoon we have all been shopping, I wanted to look at new phones as I want one for my birthday and I also wanted to look at clothes because I need something new to wear for Phil and Nicky's wedding. Sadly I didn't see either a phone or outfit that I want.... I am so picky!! To give ourselves all a treat we then went to Pizza Hut for tea...... boy am I stuffed full now!!

So here is a stitching picture to show - this is the biscornu design that was in The World of Cross Stitching last year. Since making that first one a few weeks ago I wanted to make another. I have actually managed to stitch some of this at work again...tut tut!!

And here is the Margaret Sherry Cat in a Mug finally completed!!

So back to Henry, I am actually working on the bottom of Jane's dress and the middle of Anne's...... looking forward to showing it to you over the weekend. I also go and pick up my framing tomorrow so will be showing those too.

Have a good weekend.

Ginnie x

Monday, 16 February 2009

A cat and a cottage

I took my stitching "I Do" in to my local shop to be framed, while I was on I took View from a Terrace too....... so that's a big bill!! They will be ready to collect next Saturday.... can't wait.
Over the weekend I was busy stitching on my little cat in a mug.... Here he is almost finished just a bit of back stitch left! He is so cute!!

I also spent lots of time over the last week stitching on Country Idyll, I am really enjoying this even though there are lots of colours. I was short of a few so I have ordered some off a seller on Ebay who sells bundles of 5/10/20 etc at a really good price. I think you can begin to see the cottage taking shape. I worked out I had stitched about 10% of the picture.

This week is half term holiday, so only me at work today!! I have booked Thursday and Friday off though, so a nice short week. I intend to finally finish painting Laura's bedroom!!!!

Tomorrow is a nerve racking day for the girls. Laura has her orthodontic appointment for the first fitting of her brace including 2 teeth being removed, so she is really nervous. Stuart is going with her.... I was too chicken!! Then Becky has her Grade 4 Tap dancing exam in the afternoon and she is convinced she'll get bits wrong! I have promised them both Ben and Jerry's ice cream tomorrow for after tea to make them feel better!!

So it is back to Henry tonight, don't the weeks fly by. I am looking forward to starting Anne Boleyn, she is Laura's favourite wife!!

Have a good week.

Ginnie x

Friday, 13 February 2009

Very late updates

I can't believe where this week has gone! Suddenly realised it was Friday and I hadn't shown my stitching updates from last weeks's rota.......
So firstly here is I Do - finished and awaiting framing. I think it looks lovely and I even added my initials to the bottom, something I know lots of people do but I always forget!! I am taking this into my local stitch shop tomorrow to get it framed. I have also kitted up "Wedding Row" for Helen's wedding in June. Her baby is due today..... but no news yet!!
I Do
Bent Creek
32ct evenweave
I also managed some on my Family Tree, but not as much as I would have liked. I sit and stitch on one seat of a two seater settee, this stitching is on such a big frame that I need all the space! So if Becky is downstairs sitting with me I find it hard to work on!! This week Becky seemed to be downstairs a lot!! Which I don't mind as they normally spend loads of time in their room so it is nice to have their company!
So some of the border continued, some of the bottom left square and some extras in other places. I think next time I am going to move back up the top and get some more names stitched!!

Shellie kindly sent me some other Margaret Sherry charts I hadn't got, so I have just started another little cute cat in a mug!! There are 4 of them altogether, I want to do all 4 and attach them to my red cloth bag I bought at the Church Christmas Fayre!!

Otherwise this week I have started Country Idyll, the DMC classics one I mentioned a few weeks ago that I want to stitch for mom and dad. It is coming along nicely - I mainly worked on the cottage part.... lots more to do though!! I will show my progress on that next time.

Anyway hope you all have a good weekend.

Ginnie x

Monday, 9 February 2009

Some card updates

I thought I'd share a few of the cards I have made recently that were for friend's birthdays that couldn't be revealed at the time of stitching!!
Firstly, this is the cute Aquarius bear I made for my friend Aly whose birthday was on Sunday, she loved it!! (From the latest Card Shop magazine)

Secondly this is the card I made for Shellie for her birthday earlier in the month. (from a Card Shop magazine from last year)

Lastly this is a lovely, sweet Margaret Sherry cat for Pisces that I finished at the weekend, this isn't for anyone in particular I just love her cute cat designs and hadn't sewn one for ages!! I used one of my Peter Fagan cat models to pose along side the card as the cats look similar.... I have loads of these models I used to cellect them in the 1980s - 90s, they are just so cute!! (From an old Cross Stitcher magazine)

Next I'm going to make a Tinkerbell card!!!!!

Ginnie x

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Johnny is finished!!

He is finally done!! Johnny Depp is all stitched up and looking great!! I think he looks very realistic.

I had planned to use the remaining pirate fabric and try a "flatfold" finish, but my friend (whose daughter it is for) said she intended to hang it on the wall in a frame. So I am just going to back it on cardboard like when I make a card and give it to her to choose the frame.

I finished that last night, then today I have finished Dusky Dreams..... yeah me!!!! I went to the shop to buy 2 buttons that the pattern asked for, but I have left them off in the end, they just weren't right. Instead I added a couple of extra eyelet stitches so there wasn't a gap. I have a frame for this so will finish framing it tomorrow afternoon.

Today I have worked on "I Do" as we have had our wedding invite and I now have the initials and confirmed date. I aim to finish this by next Saturday so I can take it to be professionally framed.

Work has been ok, I am a little clearer about my role and have Julie coming in on Monday to help me get to grips with my new tasks..... Just hope it works out ok.

Tonight I will continue with I Do and Family Tree, as well as another card for my ebay order.

Happy stitching....

Ginnie x

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Last week's updates

It's been an eventful week again so far, job wise and weather wise! On Monday we had a lot of snow and the girls and Stuart had a "Snow day" off school. I had to go into work as things were going on!! My friend Julie was made redundant, she was in charge of accounts and they reckon our Head Office in Kansas are going to run this side of the business. Of course some things will have to go on in the UK so the boss has said it'll mean more work for me!! great. At the moment we have one of the accounts guys over trying to sort things and tomorrow we are all supposed to be meeting to discuss how it will all work. I am a little apprehensive about how much they'll want me to do as I have no accounts training.... but at least I have a job. The paycut talks are still in the pipeline but shouldn't include me!
Yesterday was still snowy so still no school for everyone else.... thank goodness they have returned today! Although the forecast says we'll have more heavy snow tomorrow! Fun!
As to my rota last week, here are some update photos - Firstly Warwickshire Map.

I didn't get all of the Crest completed but made a good start, it got a bit boring.... but I am determined to not put this away for too long again as it is close to being completed.
I also worked on Dusky Dreams, I haven't taken a photo as I have just a tiny bit more to do so I added it to my list for this week also to get it complete. It has 2 buttons/beads to go on that I will try to buy on Saturday, they won't be the exact match to the pattern but I'm sure I can find a good substitute.
Lastly here is my progress on LK Housework, it is coming along nicely and I already know how I want to finish it..... in another type of wall hanging!

I have been busy working on the Ebay order since Saturday and have 1 and 3/4 completed!! I have also worked on my Family Tree a little and Johnny Depp. I think I should get Johnny completed also by the end of the week..... how exciting!

Anyway I am at work now and am writing this during my lunch.... so I'd better go and actually eat my lunch.

Happy Stitching

Ginnie x

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Look what I've been making!!

What a productive weekend I have had....... I have been busy making "finishes", 2 of which were new techniques to me! And even if I say so myself I am very proud of my accomplishments, 12 months ago I would never have thought of finishing off my stitching in these different ways, but thanks to my fellow bloggers I am learning loads!!
Firstly I went to mom and dad's yesterday afternoon and used the sewing machine to "finish" Pirate's Creed. I decided to mount the piece of stitching onto one square of the fabric and sew it down with red running stitch. I then sewed both squares of fabric together and included a lovely red fringe at the bottom I had bought last week! This wasn't without a hitch.... I had to unpick the fringe when I realised I was stitching it on the inside!! I then added some red ribbon as a hanger..... and here is the finished item -Becky was thrilled with it she said "Oh I love it!!!" and hung it on her wardrobe door knob straight away.
Secondly today I have tried a new technique for me - a wall hanging - in fact a non sew wall hanging found on "Focus on Finishing" blog. I used my Lizzie Kate stitching that I made last year and some dark purple fabric (sorry the photo makes it look navy or black). It is a non sew one as you use that "hemming" stuff that just sticks fabric together when you iron. It isn't the best finish ever, the fabric wasn't as square as it could have been and the one top flap over laps the edge, I also could have done with a bit more purple cording....... but we all learn from our first attempts and I am still very pleased with it. I have hung it at the top of my stairs, sorry the photo does seem a little blurred too.... I think it was the excitement of just finishing it!!

Lastly I have made my pretty patterned piece of stitching into a biscornu.... my first ever!! I found a link to some online instructions but now I can't remember which site it was!!! Again it isn't perfect but I loved making it and want to do some more!!!

Other than all of that I have continued with some of my rota...... and I have made up several cards (Aly's birthday one and the Easter Bunnies) I will show my rota progress on my next post.

I have also got an order for some of my cross stitched cards! Last year a lady in San Diego bought some cards off me from Ebay and asked if she could order a couple more.... which I did. She has just bought my February sampler card and ordered 8 more different months...... She must really like my stuff! So I have started a March one.... luckily she is in no hurry so I can continue with all my other stitching too!!

Next week it is back to Family Tree and I also want to try to finish Johnny Depp..... I have some of the pirate fabric left over to use on this too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ginnie x