Sunday, 4 January 2009

New 2009 Rota.

Here is my new rota for January 2009. I have enjoyed just stitching whatever I want over Christmas but haven't touched any of my larger projects so I decided to start a Rota again but I am listing at least 2 projects each week and as always I will continue with my cards throughout. So here it is:
  1. Family Tree / I Do (5 - 12 Jan)
  2. D for Dancer / Johnny Depp / Ballerina (12 - 18 Jan)
  3. Henry VIII / I Do (19 - 25 Jan)
  4. Dusky Dreams / Warwickshire Map / Housework (Lizzie Kate - new start) (26 - 2 Feb)

I have gone back to my original plans of stitching the SomeBunny card for Helen's baby mainly because I have put the Bootees card somewhere safe..... and can't find where! Other cards I will work on include a Valentine for Stuart, a couple of friend's birthday cards and any others as extras to sell on Ebay as usual. Then I will work on my SAL - Lilliput Lane on Wednesday nights.

So that should keep me busy!!

No new photos tonight as I haven't taken any! What I did think I would show you is a great Maia Kit I have just found and that is now on the bottom of my wishlist. It is called "Rejoice" and I love it..... I would do it for Becky as they look like dancers to me..... I have my birthday coming up at the end of Feb.... maybe I could drop a few hints to my family??!!

It has been really cold here in the UK, not getting above freezing in the day.... so sitting and stitching at home with my new lamp has been great! Sadly it is back to the grind stone tomorrow! I just hope it isn't too cold at work as no one has been there over Christmas, I'll wear my warmest jumper just in case. Stuart is back at school tomorrow too but the girl's don't return until Tuesday.

I have completed a small finish today that I will add to my list (will post photo on next update) it is for a small Christening card with a cute bear on it ..... no real reason for stitching it just thought it was cute, it was from the new booklet that came with the new World of Cross Stitching magazine.

As it is back to work my stitching pace will slow down again, never mind, will post again later in the week. Hope everyone has a good week.

Ginnie x


Anonymous said...

You have a busy january,
Thoses dancers are great, i`m looking forward to seeing henry done, im going to look out for that chart to go with my other henry, maybe i will start mine too this year.

Happy stitching
What date is your b`day

Gaynor said...

I love the rota idea. How do you actually run it? Do you put set hours for each peice etc. I would like to do something similar so picking your brains if you dont mind lol

AnnMcD said...

Those rejoicing dancers are beautiful. I too am planning to got into rotation mode for my stitching. I just have to figure out a workable system.

Allie said...

I hope your office is warmer than mine which was / is freezing (I work on the Hagley Rd so I don't think I am too many miles from you). I think your rota sounds great.

Srinity said...

I should start rota too... now I just stitch what I feel like and I have some things that have a schedule and the rota would help with those.

Rejoice looks wonderful.

We had -20C this morning when I left for work... my poor car was totally frozen even though we have block heater and heater inside the car. It's now -10C and I'm heading home.

Julie said...

Good Luck with the rota,i hope work wasn't too bad for you!

zetor said...

Looking forward to seeing all these wonderful pieces.

Redwitch said...

Good luck with your rota :)

I took a fleecey blanket to work with me today, but thankfully it was actually warm in my room! Other parts of the library were cold though.

(Have to say love the photos of your girls with books!)

Shell said...

The Maia kit looks like a good one to add to the list.They have brought out some lovely ones,very arty and something a bit different.Keep warm.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great idea the rota system.

I actually have a finished cross stitch project on my blog tomorrow (Tuesday)

Gill in Canada

Theresa said...

Oh man, we have the opposite problem here in Australia. The heat is nearly killing us today. It is 42 degrees where I live. (we have a thermometre in the shade in our backyard and that is the reading on it now at 2.20pm)
I love your idea of a rota system. I may try something like that myself because I get bored just working on one large project. I think I will alternate my SAL on Gaynor's blog with some scrapbooking just to break things up a bit. The dancers look great