Monday, 19 January 2009

Hold tight - Here's Johnny D

Thought I'd better warn all the Johnny Depp fans out there - I am revealing my progress on him!!! Oh he is looking good!!! Just the bandana/hat part to finish and some back stitch to add extra definition! I really like the way the sepia tones have come together, I still have the David Tennant one to stitch in my stash.... which I want to do sometime but not just yet!!
Next is my D for Dancer - Progess is all the parts above the deer and dolphin line. I am still loving the way this is going but sometimes it is hard work trying to look at the chart, then turn the page to look at the way to stitch that stitch, then look at the stitching!! I stitched all the duck then had to unpick him when I realised he was one stitch too low!!!!grrrrrrr.... The picture doesn't really show the Drawn Thread bit I had to do (above the duck!) this was scary as I have never done this before, it just felt so wrong getting my scissors and cutting threads on my fabric - there is no turning back once you make that first cut!!

I reckon I can finish this in another 2 turns of my rota, the last tricky bit will be the drawn thread parts all around the outside edge...... but I've done it once now!!!

Work has been rubbish today, we have been getting less and less work in and now the boss reckons to keep us all in a job we will all have to accept a 20% pay cut. So everyone was very fed up today.... although the one lad spoke to the boss and he said I wasn't included in it as I am part time and the lowest earner?? But until I hear that from the boss himself (he is working overseas until the end of Jan) I have to assume I am in the same boat. Only good thing is losing 20% is better than losing 100% but still it is hard to think where to cut back!! I do hope things improve soon, so many people seem to be in the same situation!

I have a meeting tonight at the girl's school then I will be working on Henry, looking forward to picking him up again. Good job I have got my cross stitch to cheer me up and keep me sane!!

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

Your sampler looks are very brave..and Johnny Depp..well, nice to know I still have hormones. I did the David Tennant for my son (huge Dr Who fan)..wish I had the Christopher Eccleston chart but ahve lost it somewhere.
The name you mention for the three fairies sounds right...will put a search in and hope I find it lol
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Your sampler is looking great and so is Johnny Depp.

Hope the meeting goes well tonight and that the weather is kind to you.

Shellie said...

Sampler is great and Johnny Depp is Yummmmm oh and the cross stitch lol its looking great hun well done
Hope things get sorted soon with you job
Happy Stitching

Tracy said...

Where are you going to hang Johnny when you're finished?


Daffycat said...

Wow, look at all you have done! Looks super, Ginnie!

Sorry to hear the bad news regarding your job. ***hugs***

Miss 376 said...

Johnny Depp is looking fantastic. Saw a finished David Tennant this week, he's worth doing too. I love the sampler and well done on the drawn thread. Hope you get good new about your job

Wendy said...

Oh I'm so so sorry to hear of your work situation hun, Thats so tough :-( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out for you.
As for Johnny Depp! WOWEEEEE Coorrrrr!!! He's looking fab!
Well done on "D for Dancer" too, and trying new techniques, You're very brave!

Angela said...

All your projects are looking great! I love Johnny, looks so realistic :)

Julie said...

Well done Ginnie on cutting the fabric on Dancer, i have the same problem when i try hardanger. It does look wonderful though.
Johnny looks yummy!

Shell said...

Johnny Depp looks great,the sepia tones really work.Love the valentine cards

Srinity said...

Johnny Depp looks great! So does the sampler.

I hope they won't cut your paycheck.

Anonymous said...

He is looking so well,

Hope all goes ok with the job issue, be thinking of you.

Take care

Sam said...

Mmmm, Johnny! :o) He's looking great, as is your sampler. I've never done drawn thread, so you have my admiration Ginnie!

I hope that you find out what's happening about your job soon - there are so many about that are losing jobs and I hope that your situation will remain safe.

Sally said...

Oooh he looks gorgeous!

I love your sampler. It's so pretty. I think I'd be like you with the drawn thread bit.

I hope the job situation improves.

Kate said...

How did you find Henry and his wives from DMC? I've been searching for it to go with my Elizabeth I, but it seems to be out of commission!

Sharon said...

Oh goodness, not too much more stitching and Johnny Depp will be finished! He's looking mighty fine. And your Sampler is just beautiful.

I will be hoping that you indeed are not included in that pay cut. Ouch! So many places closing, and hundreds upon thousands are out of jobs. So sad.

Have fun at the meeting-and rush home to your stitching. It will be waiting for you. :-)

Have a wonderful day.

Gill - That British Woman said...

what are you going to do with Johnny when you have finished it?

You are also right its better to take a pay cut than have no job at all.

Gill in Canada

Cindy F. said...

Great progress on both!
Good luck with your job! Hope you don't get a pay cut:(