Sunday, 11 January 2009

Am I jinxed??

For all of you who want to be cheered up skip the first paragraph!!! My week has not improved.... On Wednesday I had forgot to mention that my parent's little dog - Lucy (she was a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier) had been very unwell and was admitted to the vets for monitoring. On Thursday she was still unwell so we were all a bit worried. To top it all I was unwell on Thursday night with a nasty upset tummy!! and subsequently missed work on Friday and stayed in bed. Friday afternoon the vet phoned my parents to say she had suffered complete kidney failure and the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep!!! So I spent the afternoon in tears as did my mom and dad. Saturday I felt better but so tired I have slept so much since Thursday!! My only mishaps that day was to burn my thumb on the grill and trip up the stairs and hurt my wrist....... So what does today hold?? So far so good. Anyone with any good luck charms please send them my way......
Now for more positive stuff - I do seem to have stitched a fair amount still considering I have also been asleep a lot!! Firstly here is Somebunny - complete with a head...... so cute. I won't finish him into his card yet until the baby is born.

I also completed a little Valentine card for Stuart yesterday afternoon..... it was very quick and simple and the design came from the latest Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine..... I may even stitch another as there were 8 similar designs..... Gill asked if I could give a tutorial on how I make my cards.... good idea I will use this Valentine one and post a tutorial later in the week..... It's not that hard but it would be nice for you to see how I do it and what I use.

Next is "I Do" off this weeks rota, I doubt I'll do anymore today so here is the update...... I am still waiting to double check their initials and I think the date is the 7th March, but I won't stitch it until I know for sure!! I love doing the letters etc but have got bored with the green leaves all around it!! I think they will like it.

Lastly I just wanted to show you the fab material I bought off Ebay to complete Becky's Pirate stitching. She has decided she would prefer it made into a little tuck cushion as she has no wall space (too many posters and pictures up!!) So that's what I'll do, the Skull on the material is just right to match the skull on the stitching. I will have to use the sewing machine for this so will probably make it up next Sunday over at mom and dads.

This afternoon I am going to try something quite new for me..... I am going to frame and mount my "Lest We Forget" all by myself!!!! I went shopping yesterday and bought some back board and a pre cut mount and a frame..... I have my pins, double sided tape and masking tape at the ready..... tune in later in the week to see if it works.... I do hope so.

I will update you on my Family Tree on my next post as I still want to work on it tonight, if I can stay awake..... black coffee - that may help!

Thanks for listening and for your supportive comments, they are much appreciated....

Ginnie x


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear how your week has gone, hopefully next week is better for you.

Lovely stitching. I really like the pirate piece and I Do is coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry for the news and you not being well, there is so much illness going around at moment,

I do like the bunny looks so sweet, and a lovely design for Valentine`s day,

I do hope you have a better week,

Take care

Gaynor said...

I think a lot of us have had bad weeks with lots of sleeping. I hope you have a better week this week. I love the I Do colours and the pirate material is just perfect. you culdn't get a better match could you!

I am looking forward to hearing about your mounting attempt..if it works out OK, would love to know how you do it.

keep smiling and happy stitching

Danielle said...

Ginnie, so sorry to hear about all of your current troubles. I know that sometimes when it rains it pours. But the skull fabric is just perfect! And "I Do" is looking fab. And I look forward to seeing your framing, as I did my own framing before and am always curious to see others.

Miss 376 said...

So sorry about your week, hopefully it should all get better from here. Some lovely stitching this week. The fabric for the pirate cushion is perfect

Tanja said...

You did some beautiful stitching even though you had all these troubles. So very sad to hear about your parent's dog!

Hope you feel better soon.


Daffycat said...

What a crappy week! Let's hope you get all the bad stuff out of the way first thing and then the rest of the year will be fabulous!!!***hugs***

Love your stitching. The little birdies are sooo sweet! Wow, that pirate fabric matches perfectly!

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about your poo week Jayne :-( And how upsettng about your Parents Dog, I'm an avid animal lover and know how much they are just another member of the family.
Your stitching is Fantastic!! LOVE somebunny! So cute! The the Valentines design is simple but effective! How on earth did yu manage to find such a good match with the pirate material! Well done!
Good luck with the framing!

Julie said...

Cool fabric for the Pirates Creed, thats going to be fantastic.

Nice card finishes too. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

Get well soon.

Tara said...

Hi Ginnie,
Sounds like a horrid week you have just gone through so passing by to wish you a better week this week, thank you very much for stopping past my blog. love the bunny so cute. Take care xx

Theresa said...

oh dear Jayne what a what week you have had. I do hope things improve for you. I love your little bunny. it is just adorable and your card for your hubby is great too

Redwitch said...

I really hope this week goes better for you! Think positive thoughts :)

Cute stitching, that pirate fabric couldn't be more perfect!

Ranae said...

I hope the rest of the year, go better then this last few days.
I love that pirate fabric, its perfect that piece.

Keep on smiling and stitching!!

Rowyn said...

Sorry to hear things haven't been going so well for you lately, and for the loss of your parents dog.

Somebunny sure is cute, and the pirate fabric is so perfect for your design!

Jean said...

Oh, my gracious - what a week! Now it is time for things to turn around for you. I'm sending you positive vibes and hope they help to bring you around!

I'm really sorry about your parents' dog. It's hard to lose a pet. Our local humane society has a support group for people whose pets have died. It it so important to take the time to grieve.

Your stitching is wonderful. You have been a dynamo!! I think you have the most finishes posted of any blog I've looked at lately! There you go - you're tops there!!

Wishing you bright days and some wonderful surprises!

Anonymous said...

Lovely fabric, just right.

Sorry to hear you've been unwell and about Lucy, it's hard to lose a pet.

Nice little valentine card and the bunny is lovely too.

Shell said...

wishing you a better week.So sad about your parents dog,little Yorkies are my favourite dog.
Nice finishes.Let me know if you ever start the heart on the front of the Cross Stitcher mag and we could do a stitchalong if you wanted to.

Tammy said...

Your projects look wonderful. I'm so sorry about poor little Lucy--losing a doggie is so dang hard!I hoep your weeks start to improve soon!

Tracy said...

Sorry about your week...

I was really sick the entire week and weekend.

Your stitching is lovely, as always!

Hope everything looks up for ya this week.

BTW, your parents are beautiful!

becca said...

Sorry to hear about Lucy, so sad to lose a family pet. Hugs to your parents. Your stitching looks always. I love the Valentine card! Can't wait to see your tutorial posted. I want to make a card for my MIL.
Hope you feel better soon.

Cindy F. said...

I'm so behind on blogging...
Oh Ginnie...I'm so sorry to hear about your parent's baby. I dread the day something happens to ours!
Sending you all hugs!
I hope your stomach and thumb are all better now!
Somebunny is adorable and is your Valentine card!! Great progress on "I Do". And wow! did you match that fabric up perfectly with your piece!! That's awesome!

Gill - That British Woman said...

so sorry for all the upsets and illnesses that you have had.

VERY, VERY pleased that you would due a tutorial, as I too would love to make dh a Valentine's card. So looking forward to seeing it.


Gill in Canada

stitcherw said...

What an awful week you had. I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy, it is so hard to lose a pet, they are like family. I sure hope this last week went better for you. I love the fabric you found for Pirates creed, it's perfect.