Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Easter week

Hope everyone had a good Easter. We had a very quiet Easter, we didn't do much or go anywhere. We have been having problems with the dog, he is getting very old now and struggles to get up etc. I get up nearly every night to get him up and let him out.... which makes me tired and he doesn't have a great quality of life anymore. So we think we need to make a big decision and take him to the vets... but it isn't easy. So that may happen over the Easter holidays while Stuart is off work! My one Auntie is also very ill in hospital, they are still trying to find out what is wrong.... so all in all we have had a rough week! On the positive side my one cousin and his wife, who live on the lovely island of Jersey, are expcting their first baby. They have been trying for ages and have had lots of problems, so this is great news.
As to my stitching I am pleased to say I finished my Art Deco Diva. Here is the end result and also a close up of her face and beads around her head dress.

I think I will get this framed, it is so pretty.
I also worked on my Christmas Window piece. I can finally say I am enjoying doing this one as it has started to take shape. I still don't think it'll be completed for this Christmas but I'll try my best. You can now see the ladies bag and her boots. There is just so much brown yet to do for the door etc..... that'll drive me mad, I'll have to try to do just a bit at a time.

This week I am working on my Family Tree again, I still hope to get this done by the summer. I find working on it makes my back ache though as it is on a large floor frame. So I do just short bursts at a time.
Anyway the weather seems to be improving here, which is nice. We are going to have a day out in Worcester on Saturday, go and look around the Cathedral and shops etc.
Have a good week.

Ginnie x


Julie said...

Art Deco is a wonderful finish.

Best wishes for your Aunt and huge congrats to the expectant parents.

I have had to make the sad decision in the past, its not and easy one to make and very sad

Annette said...

I wish you many strength decide about your dog and with your Aunt.
Congratz to you cousin..
Art Deco looks so beautifull.
Your new WIP looks great too... Good luck with the tree...

Miss 376 said...

It's beautiful here today too. Art Deco lady is wonderful. Hope things pick up for you soon

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on your finish. She looks amazing. Your Christmas window is lovely too. Hope things pick up for you soon. Congrats to your cousin on their good news.

Shellie said...

Art Deco lady is gorgeous and the xmas window is coming om a treat
Take care hun, be thinking of you and ur sad decision
Hugs Shellie

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching , hope your Aunt gets better soon.
Thinking of you .
It's one of the hardest decisions to make , but also one of the best. I used to work at a vets , so been there many , many times , with my own and others.
Big hugs . XXX

Sew Wilde said...

Art Deco Diva is gorgeous! It is nice to see it stitch up. It is on my to do list.

Sorry to hear about your dog-we had to put our beloved dog to sleep a couple of weeks ago. It is not an easy decision.

Congrats to your cousin!


Maggie said...

Art Deco Diva loks wonderful!

So sorry that your dog is not doing too well, I'ts horrible when they start to get old.

I hope the hospital is able to find out what is wrong with your aunt.

Justflo said...

Your Art Deco Lady is beautiful.

I love stitching Christmas ones.

Happy stitching to you.

linen and floss said...

Your Art Deco lady is a wonderful finish!! I have just started blogging and I hope you don't mind I have added your blog to my sidebar xx

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, my Jaz is getting old too and having difficulty getting up, and her sight and hearing are starting to go as well, so I can relate to the choice you are looking at making, so hard to know when to say goodby. Love your Art Deco lady, very pretty.

Sally said...

Thinking of you Jayne {{{{hugs}}}}

Your Art Deco lady looks lovely and your Christmas piece is coming along nicely.