Friday, 30 April 2010

Henry, a hippo and 2 ladies

I have an interesting combination to show you today..... hence the title. Sorry I am so late posting this week but I have hardly been on the PC. Wednesday night we met up with my Aunt Jean, Uncle Terry and 3 cousins from Dorset who were visiting for the funeral. Then Thursday was my Auntie Pat's funeral which was really sad, and emotionally draining. By the evening I was fit for nothing. We also collected Marshall's ashes that day, so a sad one through and through. We are all hoping May is a happier month.
I didn't get much done on Henry still but I didn't let him make an appearance last time so I thought I better had today. I worked on Catherine's green dress and some of the border. I see DMC have now re-released this as a kit due to popular demand! It's about time too!
I have worked on my ballet dancing hippo and as you can see she is nearly finished. This is such a fun little project I just couldn't put it down. I need to shop for some nice matching material now to make the Pointe shoe bag for Becki.
Lastly I have my Art Deco ladies, this first one is now complete.... beads and all. The second one is coming along well, hopefully I'll get her finished this weekend.

I have had a couple of comments about making my photos "clickable" to see them better. I would love to do this but don't know how!!! Can anyone help me on this?

This week I am still working on bits and bobs. The Christmas Window was supposed to be coming out of it's bag but hasn't appeared yet!! I have some stitching for my charity over the Bank Holiday weekend to do, so will probably just continue on all my little projects until next week.

Tuesday is a big day..... Becki and Laura turn 16 ! Oh my where did those 16 years go? They are going for a chinese meal with 19 of their friends!! We are not invited! So Stuart and I are off for a meal at a pub by ourselves !! School is stressful at the moment, exams are looming and the silly bully girls have reared their ugly heads again this week. We will all be glad when they break up for study leave now and can move on with their lives!

So until next time, happy stitching

Ginnie x


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching as ever. I had heard DMC had brought Henry out again. Sorry to hear the bullies are back. Hope the girls enjoy their meal and their birthday. I hope May is a better month for you.

Miss 376 said...

Won't be long now for the girls to move on to new adventures.
Love the dancing hippo

Wendy said...

I love your Henry, I´ve been watching the Tudors, it is on Dutch tv now, wife nr 3 has just passed,so onto the next for Henry !

when I start a new post on my blog, and I want to upload a picture, I can choose wether I want that picture to be smal, normal or big.
that is just how big the picture will be in the blog.
but I think your problem lies with how big your pictures are when you take them, so the setting on your camera.
if you have your camera set for taking smaller pictures, then the pictures in your blog will not click bigger.

I hope this helpes !

Shellie said...

Hi Hun
Your stitching is great as usual I adore the art deco ladies.
Im not sure how u make photos clikable think its in the settings somewhere as I thought mine were clikable lol

Justflo said...

The hippo is cute. I have 'Henry' in my stash. He's been there for quite a while. I also have one with Queen Elizabeth 1. With Tudor Roses all around. Will get round to doing them one day.

Hope for a better May for you.

Annette said...

I wish you and your family a lot of strenght for the coming period...
Your WIP's look great....
happy birthday with the girls.. wow ... 16 years. Hope you all have a great time

stitcheranon said...

Wow, you are going through an emotional roller coaster at the moment aren't you.
Those girls are plain jealous and insecure. You have beautiful, accomplished daughters who have done more in their nearly 16 years, than those girls will probably do in a life time.
Happe 16th girls, and well done mum. You should feel very proud of them and of yourself!

Julie said...

Art deco ladies are superb Ginnie, what a lovely pair they will make together. What a shame the bullys are back, but the girls obviously have lots of real friends if 19 are going out for a meal for their birthday - hope they have a wonderful birthday and lots of fun and laughter at their meal.

I hope that May is a brighter month for you and some of the sadness that you have expereienced recently fades

Barb said...
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Barb said...

Your Henry is looking great. I have been following his progress for quite some time. Love the dancing hypo it's so cute and your cards are pretty.

Srinity said...

I hope that May will bring smiles and happy days for your family.
Your girls' birthday dinner sounds so much fun.
Your stitching projects are beautiful, as always. :)

debby said...

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