Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Family Tree

Thanks everyone for your kind words about my Auntie and our dog. Sadly my Auntie Pat passed away yesterday morning. It was very quick in the end, they had diagnosed cancer last week then said it was so aggressive and spreading so quickly that there was nothing they could do. She was only 64, not very old really. She was little George's grandmother (posted about last May when he was born) he will never have any memories of her. So now we have another funeral to attend, my poor uncle is devastated. As to the dog, well he is still with us, but things are the same I have just had other things to worry about over the last few days.
It was quite appropriate then that I have been working on my Family Tree this week, as I have just lost a member of my family. As you can see I have moved the frame again to a smaller size so it is easier to work on, all the parts rolled up at the bottom are complete. I worked on the borders alot and all the green of the tree beside all the boxes. Still that big chunk of tree to tackle.... I keep putting it off!
This is my little Art Deco Lady I mentioned the other week. There are 6 in all in the latest Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine and I want to do at least 3 of them to hang up in our bedroom. I need some black beads to complete this, which I haven't got yet, and then finish the border and the back stitch. It is very pretty.

We did manage to have a day out on Saturday, we went to Worcester and looked around the beautiful Cathedral and then walked around the shops. It was a lovely summer like day. I did take a couple of photos but they weren't very brilliant!

This week I want to finish my Enchanted Mermaid, so I hope I have another "grand showing" for you next time.

Until then, happy stitching

Ginnie xx


Tracy said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Ginnie.

Julie said...

I'm sorry to read about your Aunt

Family Tree is gorwing lovely

Lesleyanne said...

So sorry to hear about your Auntie. Your stitching is gorgeous as always. Looking forward to seeing your lady finished.

Miss 376 said...

Good to see so much of the family tree completed.
Sorry to hear about your aunt. I am sure the rest of the family will pass on the good memories to her grandson. We had to do the same with my boys, it's surprising how many stories about her they know though they don't remember her personally

Maggie said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt Jayne.

Your family tree is coming on a treat!

Wendy said...

my condolences on the passing of your aunt, it is just so sad to lose a loved one, even if she is spared much suffering this way.

I like your family tree, what a great idea !
I just wish I could see a bigger photo, to see it better.
this one doesn't "click larger ".

Annette said...

I'm sorry te hear about you Aunt.
Family Tree looks great.
Your new start looks lovely...

stitcheranon said...

I am really sorry for your loss and what you all must be going through right now. ((((hugs)))

Sally said...

I am so sorry about your Auntie Jayne.

Your family tree is brilliant and I love your art deco lady.

Pumpkin said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss :o( The big C is an awful thing and you're right, your aunt wasn't that old. ((((HUGS))))

Wow, your family tree is quite the project! It will be a lovely memento.

Redwitch said...

Very sorry for your loss, 64 seems so young these days doesn't it? Your family tree piece is lovely, hope your stitching brings some comfort.

Anonymous said...

Just passing through (I live in Laredo, TX,) I am fascinated with your family tree. It is beautiful! Can you point me in the right direction to order the pattern?
So sorry to hear about your Aunt, we are dealing with a very dear friend that has cancer. Loss is so hard to take. We had to make the same decision about our 15 yr old poodle, a few years back, so hard, I still tear up when I think of her.
Thanks for your help.
Ruth Veazey

Shellie said...

So sorry for your loss hun Sending Hugs xxxxxxxxxx
Well done for getting in print too and your stitching esp family tree is looking fantastic
TC of urself
Love and Hugs Shellie xxxx