Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Various WIPs

Not a very original title..... but here are a few photos of pieces I have been working on over the last week.
Here is my Family Tree, I have finally finished the cream colour in the back ground of the "Family" box and the central house is all complete. I have now started the right hand side, you can just see the little house and the first person emerging! Also Laura now has her name on here too! I keep thinking I am getting closer to finishing...... but then I look at the chart and realise there is still lots to do!!

Here is the beginnings of Rosie Rabbit for Olivia. It has such a cute expression but it is stitched in mainly 4 colours, so I only do little bits at a time!

I also started LHN - "My needle's work" I had this for Christmas last year with the proper threads so I thought I would make a start. I am using 32ct instead of 28ct so it will be a tiny bit smaller. I think I would like to mount it on a photo album when it is complete and I can keep photos of my stitching in there! Not much to show yet, this is the piece of stitching the lady in the design is holding!

Then lastly I finished another charity square. This one is for a themed quilt - Bugs in a bottle - so here is my spider!! Some little child will love this quilt when it is done with all those lovely creepie crawlies!!!

This week I am back to Henry and have already stitched Katherine of Aragon's head and headwear this week. She is the last of his wives to work on even though she was his actual first wife! I am looking forward to carrying on with it tonight.

Until next time.....

Ginnie x


Lindsay said...

You've started what I should hopefully finish today, My Needleswork :) Family Tree is looking lovey

Miss 376 said...

You've certainly got a lot going on at the moment. What a lovely quilt that will be

Gaynor said...

family tree looks fantastic. You must be really pleased with it. Very cute bunny too!

Lesleyanne said...

All your WIPs are looking great. Keep up the lovely stitching. Can't wait to see Henry again.

Annette said...

Your pieces are all very lovely, keep up the good work.
Your a inspiration for us all

Maxine said...

Great work Ginnie, all those wip's are sure going to keep you busy :)

Shellie said...

WOW everything looks fab hun
Love the bug in a bottle,
Well done to your girls to you must be very proud.
Bk to school for my 2 today woohoo cant wait lol
Love and Hugs Shellie

Stitching Kath said...

loving the family tree. who is the chart by?

love kath

Julie said...

Super progress!

Barb said...

Great WIP's I love coming back to your blog from time to time.

Doris said...

lovely wips, i love the cute face of rosie.