Monday, 7 September 2009

Henry and Christmas

I had a "Christmas" moment on Saturday and decided to do a few small motifs for cards, nothing big. Therefore I managed to complete 2 over the weekend. The first one shows some pretty Christmas pressies and the second is Santa reading his list! I have decided to have a week in my rota for Christmas stitching, starting in a couple of weeks after I've worked on Family Tree again.

Now to Henry and as you can see he finally has the heads and tops of bodies of all 6 wives. Katherine of Aragon maybe his first wife but she is the last one for me to begin. She looks lovely in her green outfit. Now I have to fill in the rest of all their big dresses but I think I'll give Henry his legs next!

This week I have my mermaid to stitch on and I am also doing a little "baby girl" gift for a blogging and facebook friend!!!

Finally it was the first day back at school today for the girls. This will be their final year at secondary school (Year 11) as the schools in our area don't have 6th forms. So it was a bit sad today to think this is their final September in uniform photo! It doesn't seem five minutes since they started secondary school, they didn't get into their first choice school whereas nearly all their primary school friends did. It took a good term before they really settled but now they are happy and have never regreted not going to the other school, thank goodness. Lots of hard work ahead of them but I am sure they'll do well.

Happy stitching.

Ginnie x


Srinity said...

Henry's wives look beautiful. And those Christmas card motifs are cute!

Miss 376 said...

I can't believe how much you've got done on Henry, must be lovely to have all the faces done

Julie said...

Love that santa, hope he's got my name on his list!!
Henry is superb Ginnie.
Good Luck girls, going to be a busy year for you both.

Lesleyanne said...

Henry and his wives are looking great. I love your two christmas stitching. The girls look very nice in their uniforms. Hope they have a good final year.

Maxine said...

Great idea to get some small xmas stitching done think I'll have to get on with some of mine. Henry and his wives are really coming along now, great work :)

Gaynor said...

The sitching is lovely as always. You ds's look fantastic. I hope they have a lovely year and on an upside, soon there will be no school uniform to iron lol!

Natalija said...

Henry VIII & Wives look amazing. I have never seen this kit before. Anxious to see more :)

Shellie said...

Henrys wives look fab and the xmas motifs are great
Apologies for not leaving many comments recently
Hope all ok
hugs shellie

Anonymous said...

Love the little christmas motifs. The girls look great in their uniform.

Henry is looking great too - could we see a full picture of how it looks at the moment?

Lhassa said...

Magnifiques tes toiles, j'aime beaucoup la sirène aussi.