Friday, 18 September 2009

Mermaid and Rabbit

Here is my late update of "Enchanting Mermaid" that I was working on last week. She is progressing well, all of the bottom right hand corner is complete now (except beads.)

Then today I finished Rosie Rabbit. She is such a cutie. I need to make it into a cushion now before next Saturday as Alex is coming for a "sleep over" so she can take it home on Sunday for her sister. I agreed to the girls having a sleep over as Stuart is away for the weekend, so it'll be all girls here!!! I am also looking after mom and dads dog next weekend as they are going back down to Dorset to visit my Auntie and Uncle again.

This week was "Family Tree" week again on the rota. But I was getting so fed up of it on its large frame that I finally sorted the base out again and fixed it all back together. It is much easier to work on now but I have to sit on one of the dining room chairs by the window. Here it is in it's new place. Because of this I am now going to change my rota and take "Family Tree" out. Instead I aim to work on it every week but only in the day light by the window, so that'll be a small amount of time in a morning before work and then at a weekend. I hope I still progress on it......... I aim too. That means week one slot is free....... so a new start is loaming!

I will take a closer photo on Sunday when I have worked a bit more on it!

Until next time.

Ginnie x


Bev said...

the mermaid is taking shape now, and i wish my hubby would bugger off for a weekend, but alas im stuck with him, poor poor me. Enjoy!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely WIPs - you are progressing well with them. Rosie Rabbit is soooo cute.

Miss 376 said...

Rosie Rabbit is going to make a lovely cushion. Can't wait to see what your new start will be

Julie said...

Rosie is gorgeous, i'm sure she will be much loved, mermaid is growing too.

Annette said...

Wow I love the mermaid, it looks great, what a lovely bunny too.

Jan said...

Rosie is so cute. What a great gift. The mermaid is progressing very nicely. I like the shot of your stitching frame. Very nice.

stitcherw said...

Mermaid is coming along wonderfully, and Rosie turned out adorable, she'll make a wonderful cushion.

Shellie said...

everything looks great hun well done
Love and Hugs Shellie

Cindy F. said...

OH WOW!! Your mermaid is beautiful!! and your bunny is just too cute!!
So happy to hear you got your family tree situated:) Can't wait to see more it. I told my neighbor you are working on this and off we went to the store for her to see it! Yes! She loves it too and had to buy it:)

Wendy said...

Wow your mermaid is gorgeous!! And Rosie Rabbit is to die for!!!!
What a lovely spot to sit and stitch in :-D