Sunday, 19 April 2009

D for Dancer finished!

First, I am proud to present a new finish - D For Dancer.....

D is for Dancer
The Victoria Sampler
28ct platinum cashel linen
with recommended silks.

I finished the main stitching on Friday and took it off the frame to do the hem stitching around the edge.... then decided I was happy with it as it was without doing all that fiddly cutting of fabric etc.... I declared it completely finished!! I want to finish it as a bell pull so need to get some "ends".

The frame is now waiting with a fresh piece of fabric on, to start one of the HAED charts!!! I have decided to work on Candle Lights first and I intend to have a Sunday HAED night. I intend to start tonight but want to do a little more on Henry first as I was out last night with my dear friend Steve and got no stitching done at all!! Update on Henry on next post (I have started Catherine Howard's head !!)

I also thought I would show you a picture of my Lilliput Lane cottage that I have been working on for the Step-a-long SAL. Most of the cross stitch is complete but there is so much darn fiddly back stitch everywhere I'll be just about finished by Christmas!!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Laura'a appointment. All went well except the hospital had forgotten to tell us that the appointment had actually been re-scheduled and that the letters had failed to go out.... so we could either sit and wait or come back in July!! As I had booked the day off and we had made the effort to go by train we decided to sit and wait (2.5 hrs!!) But there was no change with her heart/valve leak and they said we will discuss next year whether to continue her check up after age 16 at adult cardiology clinics. The only thing he did say was that in the future if she gets pregnant she will have to be monitored more as that can put extra stress on you heart and valve leaks can get worse. But I'll worry about that another time!!

I have been busy in the garden again today so am looking forward to relaxing tonight and doing some more stitching. Next week it's back to Wedding Row, I hope to get most of this done as June will soon roll around.

Anyway until next time.

Ginnie x


Gaynor said...

Congratulations on your finish. It is lovely. And well done with your SAL

I am glad Laura is OK...if there is no change after all that teen growing and hormones, well, can only be good cant it !

Carla said...

Beautiful finish, Ginnie!!!
Can't wait to see a pic of your start on the HAED piece...I'm totally hooked on those right now :)

Lula said...

Well done Ginnie! D is for Dancer is beautiful.

I know how you feel about designs with loads of backstitch but it always brings it to life doesn't it? The cottage is looking fab already.

Good news re Laura.

Lula x

Julie said...

Huge congrats on Dancers finish, its fabulous.

Lilliput looks great too, you'll soon have that backstitch done and another great finish.

Good news about Laura.

Miss 376 said...

Dancer is beautiful, it will make a lovely bell pull. Good news about Laura, one less thing to worry about

Ranae said...

Congrats on a superb finish, it's totally gorgeous.
The cottage is looking so cozy.
So glad to hear good news for laura

zetor said...

Pleased all was well at the hospital.
Your stitching is lovely, the colours in the dancer are so pretty.

Tammy said...

Ginnie, it's beautiful! What a sweet finish!

Maggie said...

Congrats on your finish, it's really lovely!

What a pain to be stuck waiting at the hospital like that, at least there was no change, so that's good.

Redwitch said...

Great finish, congratulations! It will look great as a bell pull, I've not done one of them as yet.

Good news for Laura's health, so glad to hear that, even if you did have to wait a long time.

stitcherw said...

Dancer is beautiful, it will make a lovely bellpul. So glad to hear that Laura came out ok with her checkup (although to bad on the scheduling mix up). What a relief that would be to get an ok each year. Can't wait to see Henry, and your new HAED's look quite fun. I've looked at their designs, but haven't done one as yet. The little house is quite cute too. What is a Step-a-long SAL?

Tammy said...

Congrats on your finish & it looks like your other projects are shaping up rather nicely. Glad Laura got good news :0)

Erica said...

Beautiful finish! This is just a lovely piece!

ilovejack34 said...

Another great finish ;) Well done! Looking forward to seeing your HAED :D. I am going to start another HAED soon for my daughter's friend.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finish!

Annie said...

Love the bell pull. What a treasure of a finish.

The SAL piece is really looking good too.

Nice to hear the news about Laura also.

Dani said...

Hurray for finishes. I love your cottage ... I'm sure it will look wonderful with all that finicky backstitch ;)

Jean said...

I have never seen the full D is for Dancer and yours is just beautiful! Where will it make its home? Seems you give a lot of stuff away.

I was looking at your finishes in 2009 - very impressive!!!

I agree - when I get to the backstitching, I'm thinking - "hey, I'm done more stitches!!" But like Lula said - backstitching brings life to a piece. I used to do a lot of pieces that were backstitched and when I started doing things that didn't have it, I could really see the difference it makes in certain instances.

Great job!

Maxine said...

I love your latest finish, well done :)I can't wait to see your HAED starts they are both lovely designs!

Cindy F. said...

Congrats on your "D" finish! It's beautiful Ginnie!
and your cottage piece is already pretty, but the backstitching is going to make it even more so.
Glad to hear Laura checked out well. Can't wait to see your HAED start:)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.