Sunday, 5 April 2009

Chickens and another card...

We are in the middle of a lovely weekend here in the Midlands, I even did a bit of gardening yesterday! And plan on doing a little more today. As it is now Easter holidays I have plans for the garden that Stuart can be working on while he's off and I'm still at work! We have a large, wide boring slabbed path that I want turfing over... so that should keep him busy! Although the weather forecast is not so good for in the week, hope it improves again.
Today I have Easter Cones to sew together! Here are the finished chickens, just need to iron them and put some interfacing on the back. You can also see the lovely lilac checked fabric I bought yesterday and the matching ribbon to make the cones with. The instructions are in the cross stitcher magazine..... I hope I can follow them!!

I also started the stitching for Laura's birthday card in the week. She had pointed out, a while ago, these Geisha Girl designs in an old issue of World of Cross Stitching so I decided to stitch one of them for her. It is coming along really well and I love the colours in it, although so far you can mainly see peach and black!!

I have put in a lot of time on Family Tree too and will show the update on that next time. I have completed the things I aimed to do this week so I am pleased with that. I have also stitched the correct names not the incorrect next generation up.... thank goodness.

Anyway I must go and get some ironing done.... then I can get the sewing machine out. Hopefully I'll have some great Easter Cones to show on my next post too! Full of yummy little Easter Eggs!!

Ginnie x


sofietjes borduurwerkjes said...

What a lovely pear of chickens.
Where are you gonna use it for.
greetings sofie

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful chicken designs,

Take care, Enjoy thre easter holiday`s

Gaynor said...

I love the chickens. looking forward to seeing the cones as well!

Shellie said...

great work love the geisha I have to do one for my DD and a kimono too lol My DD into all things oriental at the mo
Happy Gardening and Sttiching
Hugs Shellie

Miss 376 said...

Those chickens look great, can't wait to see the cones made up.

Daffycat said...

Lovely stitching. The fabric you have for the Easter cones matches perfectly ~ love it!

Tammy said...

Love the chickens & the geisha is coming along quite nicely :0)

Sharon said...

Those chickens are so adorable!

Sharon said...

Such lovely chickens~can't wait to see the finished Cones~the fabric is perfect for them, and might I say, my absolute favorite color, too.

Your daughter will love the Geisha card~our youngest is into this type of theme too.

Good for you, being able to work in the garden. We will wait until after Memorial Day here for any of that as right now, it's too cold and the ground will need thawing out from the long Winter.

Have a super fantastic day!

Sally said...

Lovely chickens Jayne. Looking forward to seeing the cones.

Tammy said...

Ginnie, I LOOOVE the chickens! They're great! Geisha is pretty already, can't wait to see her done.

Julie said...

Cute chickens, i love the colours you chose for them, nice fabric for the cone too.
Geisha looks great, a nice design

Lucy said...

OMG...those chickens are so cute!!

stitcherw said...

The chickens are so cute, and your Geisha is looking lovely. Looking forward to seeing them both all finished up.

Tara said...

---- .•'( ◕ "‼" ◕ )'`•.
---,' / •\" ‿♥‿ " /•\ `. .....()()()
-.´•| ¸/• ¸┴¸• ,\ ¸|• `. ..()()()()
•.¸¸•(‿ ) ¸,,,¸¸ ( ‿)¸¸• ()()()()()
~*~*~*HAPPY EASTER*~*~*~