Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Cones !

Well I managed it, I sewed together my Easter Cones on Sunday afternoon, with not too many mistakes. Did my usual trick on the first one and sewed the ribbon on the inside not the outside..... I always do that! Then my cotton broke a couple of times but I think it is cheap cotton, it came free with the machine. But the end result was a good one. Sorry the photo doesn't do them justice and you can see the clutter through the glass cabinet doors!! They are a bit fuller now as I bought a few more mini eggs yesterday. The knitted chick in them was from someone Stuart works with, it has a Cadbury's Cream Egg inside it (I have one too!!)
Here is my Family Tree update, I wanted to complete the pretty bird up the corner, which I did. I also wanted to complete another box, which I also did. I enjoyed stitching on this last week more than I have recently. My dad spotted it when he popped over and said how impressive it looks. It'll be so great when it is finished and framed.

I forgot to mention last week about some more of my girl's achievements, I am very proud of them. Becki passed her Grade 4 Tap exam with a B grade (infact only 4 marks off an A) she was really pleased considering she thought she had failed it! Laura got enrolled as a Young Leader at Rainbows and Guides, tomorrow she is taking the Rainbows (5 - 7 year olds) to The Sealife Centre in Birmingham... they are going on the bus!

I didn't manage a lot of stitching yesterday as I seem to have come down with another cold, at first I thought it was hay fever as I had been in the garden a lot... but now I just think it is a cold. I feel better tonight so I can continue with my stitching, it is Country Idyll again this week.

Laura's card is also nearly complete, all the stitching is done but I need some gold beads and I don't seem to have any left. So I'll finish it as soon as I get some more, in the mean time I must start Becky's. There was a lovely free gift in the World of Cross Stitching this month called "Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady," I want to start that too for Becky's favourite teacher who is leaving next term, she teaches her Maths and it is because of her that Becky has improved so much in Maths, she'll be missed!

Until next time,

Ginnie x


Annie said...

The cones look great and so does that birdie on the tree.

Congrats to the kids!

Annette said...

What a lovely cones, nicely done.
The tree is getting far...

Erica said...

What an extraordinary piece your Family Tree is shaping up to be!
It will surely be treasured by your family for years to come!

Miss 376 said...

Well done to the girls. DS2 got a chick like that at the weekend from the RSPCA open day, he thought it was great. Those cones look wonderful

Ranae said...

Love the adorable cones.
Family Tree bird looks so tweet.
Way to go! girls!

Julie said...

The easter cones looks wonderful.
Happy Easter and congrats to the girls.

Gaynor said...

I love the cones and the tree is looking great.

You cant have sewn any worse than I do...wait till you find out about my exchange gift that I finished today lol...blumin nightmare!

I really do like those cones...were they difficult..I see potential xmas gifts coming on ;-)

Gaynor said...

Oh yes...well done girls...
Keep up with extras like that..universities are crying out for students who 'live life' and contribute...no pressure though ;-)
Nice to hear good things about teenagers!

Sharon said...

Awh, your Cones turned out soooo pretty, a great big congrat's to you for a fabulous sewing/finishing of these.

Bet you felt so thrilled when your dad noticed the Family Tree piece, in progress. It is very lovely, and will be bound to make a treasured heirloom.

Congrat's to the girls too, they are a grand example of high achiever's!

A wish for a Blessed Easter for you and your lovely family.

Shellie said...

The cones are fantastic Jayne as is the progress on your family treeMy Mum knits loads of those chicks each easter Im sure she is glad when easter has gone lol she must knit in her sleep lol
Happy Stitching Shellie xxxx

PMSL my word verification is poofting!!!!

Tammy said...

The cones are cute :0) Your Family Tree is extraordinary. Can't wait to see it completed. Congrats to the girls & hope you feel better soon!

Daffycat said...

I love the cones...great work!

Cindy F. said...

Oooh!! I LOVE the chicken cones!! Those are too cute Ginnie!!
and more pretty progress on your Family Tree!!
Congrats to the girls! They are such smart and pretty blessings:)
Hope you're feeling better and you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend!

AnnMcD said...

The Easter cones look great. What a cool idea and congratulations to your girls on their achievements!

Sally said...

Those cones look brilliant, Jayne, and your family tree is really coming along well.

Well done to your girls!

You have won on award on my blog:)

mimimira said...

Your cones are perfect! The chickens are so sweet!
Happy Easter!

Gill - That British Woman said...

congrats to your dd's, and the cones look great.

Gill in Canada