Friday, 15 October 2010

The reappearance of Henry

Finally I got Henry out of his stitching bag and worked on him last week and I am very pleased with my progress. We now have another wife all stitched up !! I finished Catherine of Aragon's green dress and worked on the border at the bottom a little.

I now have just 2 wives to finish and then the rest of the border..... I am getting there slowly!
Stuart's mom moved house last weekend so I made a decoupage card for her. I haven't made many cards recently but I was pleased with it. I have also just made an 18th birthday card as Becki is off to a friend's party tonight, I will show that next time.

Lastly here is a Christmas new start, I picked it out to do a while back as I have enjoyed the couple of Forever Friends teds I have done. He is very cute but I have had little time this week to work on him as I have been very tired and out and about quite a bit, being a taxi service for the girls !!

At least it is Friday, tonight my friend Steve is treating me to a chinese meal, I am looking forward to that ! I must try not to eat too much though, as it is a buffet style place where you can go up and help yourself to as much as you like!!
Until next time
Ginnie xx


Billie said...

I love your Henry!!! Stunning piece. Can't wait to see it finished.

Wendy said...

nice work on Henry !
I´m watching the Tudors serie, season 4 .
coud not resist buying the season 1 and 2 dvd´s, lovely series !

Stitchaholic said...

Your Wives piece is looking lovely - you're on the home straight now :D And Forever Friends looks very cute too. I look forward to seeing the progress on both. Enjoy your chinese meal! xx

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Aww cute forever friends pattern it is adorable. :-) That will make a lovely Christmas design.
Enjoy your chinese!

Miss 376 said...

Great progress on Henry.
Enjoy your night out

Lula said...

lovely to see Henry is back. Cards look great too

Sally said...

Nice to see Henry again! He's looking fantastic. Love your Forever Friends too.

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching , Henry is looking great . Enjoy your meal out . X

Lesleyanne said...

Nice to see Henry back again. He's looking fantastic. Love your Forever Friends too. Enjoy your chinese meal tonight.

Sew Wilde said...

Henry is looking great! I love the Tudor era. Forever Friends is so sweet. Have a relaxing weekend!


Blu said...

Henry is looking amazing!

Annette said...

So Henry is almost finished, great jobon him and his wives, Maybe it's finished by theend of the year!!
Lovely cards and a very cute new start

Maggie said...

Great work on Henry!

Being a taxi service, tell me about it, no soon you sit down it's time to go again!

Hope you enjoyd your meal:-)

Have agood weekend x

Bev said...

yay Henrys back!!! and i love forever friends cute, cant wait to see more

Julie said...

Lovely to see Henry out again, its so vibrant.

Hope you had a nice meal out

Tracey said...

Its great to see henry, i do like a bit of history,
Love the christmas design, and i seam to be a taxi to my 2 at this moment too

Take care

Dawn said...

Jayne your work is beautiful! I don't know if I have visited your blog before or not,l but will do in future :-))


Joysze said...

I've never seen this piece before and the wives look beautiful.

How was the Chinese buffet?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love the Henry stitching. I am trying to get back into cross stitching, the colder it gets the more I will get back into it.

Gill in Canada

Miniatures by Natalia said...

Very nice work on Henry. Can I ask where it is possible to get the pattern? I liked a lot and I am in Tudors right now. Thank you