Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tree update and another square

Just enjoying my last day off work before returning tomorrow! We had a nice day in Bath on Saturday but the weather was a bit miserable and the journey down took forever because of holiday traffic! We only took a few photos as my battery ran out! Should have remembered to charge it!
Here are just a couple of shots at the Roman Baths.
I have been trying to work on my Family Tree while I have been off work. It is getting there slowly........ I am still aiming to get this finished by the end of the summer. I am going to carry on with this as soon as I have finished blogging!
I have finished the other mouse charity square to go with the one I completed last week. This time he is in his aeroplane
Then I have started my Forever Friends baby teddy for my cousin's baby. He is looking very cute! I will have to leave some parts blank until I know if it is a boy or a girl.
The girls left school on Thursday, what an emotional day that was. I actually cried after I had dropped them off and drove home! I still remember their first day at both Primary and Secondary School and it seems like only yesterday! They took loads of photos and had some lovely comments written in their leavers book. Now it's just exams and revision sessions!!
I am only back in work for 2 and half days and on Friday afternoon we are off to see "Hairspray"...yeah!! So something else to look forward too.
Until next time.
Ginnie xx


stitcheranon said...

The traffic in Bath is always dreadful: along with Bristol it has the highest rate of congestion in the whole UK. Glad you had a lovely time though. I loved Bath but found it nicer to visit than to live near ;-)
Too much of a country girl to put up with the cars lol

Sally said...

Glad you had a great time Jayne.

All your stitching looks fantastic!

Wendy said...

wauw, that roman bath looks great, did you take a dive in ?

I like your tree, wish I could do it to, but with our patchwork-family I would need about 3 !

your mouse and bear are again just to cute !

Jane said...

Cute stitching ~ wish I had a baby to stitch for ~ like you my oldest 'baby' has just finished school and is busy revising - emotional times I know!
Enjoy Hairspray, I've heard good reviews xxx

Lesleyanne said...

Glad you had a nice time at Bath. Beautiful stitching as always. Hope you enjoy Hairspray.

Annette said...

Great photo's of the bath and your daughters
Cute little mouse. Your Family Tree
looks great and love little Forever friends .
Good luck stitching and enjoy you free days

Julie said...

Family Tree is looking lovely. Good luck to the girls in their exams. Have fun at hairspray.

Anonymous said...

Oh look at that cute little guy in his airplane. :o) Why is the water green in the photo's? Does it have something in it to make it that way?

Tracy said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to see Roman anything. Out of all those years studying Greco-Roman culture, not once have I seen anything Roman or Greek beside my beloved coin.

Your stitching is lovely, as always!

Justflo said...

You've got some great finishes. Your tree looks great.