Monday, 7 June 2010

Back to my bags!

I had the sewing machine back off my mom yesterday and I was just itching to use it!! So I finally made Becki's Pointe Shoe bag with the ballet dancing hippo on! The material was a great match considering I bought it without taking my stitching with me! I made it just a drawstring bag but used green ribbon to thread through it. I am very pleased with the end result and so is Becki. I have told her not to bring back any orders when she starts rehearsals!!

I also continued with my Family Tree piece. I'm not really sticking to my rota at the moment so I have changed it. I will put my 2 large projects (Family Tree and Henry VIII) in a 2 week each rota and then do any other along with them..... whatever takes my fancy! So Family Tree has had its 2 weeks so now it is Henry's turn.

I worked over the weekend on the block in the middle of the tree and shows our family name. It was a bit boring as it was all cream..... one big block! I also struggled fitted our big double barrelled surname in.... but I did it. Just the green of the tree at the bottom, the bird and all of the top border to go. I am very proud of my determination to finish this now!

My lovely little Forever Friends bear is also complete (as far as possible). Just need to wait now to add either blue or pink around the bib and border and of course the name! I just love him..... and have lined up the next Forever Friends bear to do!! I'm obsessed!

I also made a start on the Summer cushion to match the Spring one I finished earlier in the year. I am working on this at stitch club on a Wednesday night. No picture of that yet!
The girl's have a busy week of exams coming, they have had Maths this afternoon and found it a hard paper! Poor things are stressed and not sleeping well but have only 16 days to go until they are done!
Happy stitching
Ginnie xx


Miss 376 said...

It's a fabulous bag, fabric is perfect

Jane said...

The dancing hippo bag has turned out great, I bet Becki's well chuffed with it! I would love to stitch our family tree but just wouldn't know where to start, it really is a lovely piece of stitching and something the future families will be able to treasure.
If it's any help my daughter too has just returned from her Maths paper and also found it very hard as did a lot of her friends so fingers crossed for them all and good luck to your daughters for the rest of the exams xxx

Anonymous said...

What great stitching! Love the shoe bag. Very pretty.

Lesleyanne said...

Your hippo back is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure the other girls at dance will want one lol. Your family tree is coming along lovely - have you much more to do. Can't wait to see Henry. Love your FF teddy.

Annette said...

What a cute bag, it looks perfect.
Love the little FF bear, so cute. Family Tree is progressing ood luck with Henry

zetor said...

That bag is gorgeous, no doubt she'll be pleased with it.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great bag, good colour match too. I love your family tree piece, what a treasure that will be x x

Lumiruusu said...

The shoe-bag is pretty-I like so much that green-ribbon!
Your family-tree is such a great project,what is the chart you use for it?
The Forever Friends-teddybear is so cute ,Icant wait for to start my F.E.-project.
I have to finish first the birhtday present my D.D ( age 13) asked me to stich for
her- a scissor-fob
and a needlepillow!!
She will get also some new embroidery scissors.
I am so happy that I can stich with her-she is doing now a cute eyore-bookmark :)

loulee said...

The little baggie s adorable.
Good luck to your girls, I'm sure they have done much better than they feel.

Julie said...

Perfect fabric for Becki's bag, its brilliant

Family tree is stunning, so much hard work gone into this one, a very wonderful family heirloom

Good Luck to the girls, it's a terrible time of year for all 16 year olds. I wish there was a much fairer system for results as i feel those with nerves dont get the results they deserve after all their hard work.... better get off my soapbox regarding this subject!

Ingrid said...

Great stitching , I love the bag !!

Tracey said...

Love the bag, love the hippo design,

Take care


Chiloe said...

I love the hippo bag ( I 'm sure lots of dancers are going to be jealous !!! :-D )

The little bear is sooooo cute ♥

Barb said...

Nice bags. Great job on them.

Sally said...

Love the bag and your family tree is looking brilliant! Cute FF pieces.