Monday, 8 February 2010

Last week's stitching

Not an original title, but I couldn't think of another one! I can now get on Blogger again at work so I thought I'd write a post this afternoon as I have a Parent Support Group meeting tonight and may not get chance to go on the PC.
It has been a stressful week, although Stuart has recovered from the flu he has had a reoccurance of a problem with his legs that he had last year so he is still not 100% I think the flu bought on the leg issues !! Then the bullying with Becki came to a head on Tuesday, they started making her life miserable at school as well as on Facebook etc. So much so she was in floods of tears Tuesday evening and didn't want to go back to school. So we finally went into school to talk it over with her Head of House. He has been great and saw Becki right away the next day, she really didn't want anything said to the girls still, so for now they are seeing how it goes but at least she has someone to talk to at school and they have all the evidence I printed off. Since then it has been quiet.... so I am hoping they have got bored with picking on her. She has under 50 actual school days left (not including exams!)... she is counting down.
So I have some stitching to show although I feel I could have done more on my Family Tree but just didn't seem to have as much time last week. Here is my little bit of progress.
I have worked well on my AOY piece for my Aunt and Uncle, I think I'll get this finished by the end of the week so I can frame it. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed working on AOY's.... may have to start another one I have had in the pipeline a while!!
Somebunny also got finished for my Charity group, I have just sorted out the threads for another similar one. I love the colours in this one.... lovely shades of blue.
Finally I made a little bookmark for Becki..... with a dancer on of course! I need to make Laura one now but I can't decide what theme to pick.

Next Monday Becki has a very exciting audition. She is auditioning for the English Youth Ballet. They take 100 local dancers and they appear in a big production later in the year. This time it is to appear in Giselle in September. It would be great if she got picked but we know it is strong competition so the experience will be great on it's own. So fingers crossed for next Monday night!!

Happy stitching...........

Ginnie x


Miss 376 said...

hope all goes well with Becki, it would be the perfect pick me up after all she's gone through.

stitcheranon said...

Oh poor Becki..honestly, some teenage girls really do need to have some sense knocked into them. It is usually the immature ones so well done Becki for letting you go to the shcool. I hope she does well in the is all good experience, even auditioning.
Fantastic stitching as always ;-)

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful stitching as always. Hope all goes well for Becki.

Roz said...

Jayne you do so much stitching!!! How do you manage to do all that????
I hope Becki is ok... tell her to keep focusing on the days she's got left and it WILL be better afterwards. Good luck for the audition as well.

Love Roz

Sew Wilde said...

Good luck to Becki! I will send good luck thoughts her way.

The fmaily tree looks great. Somebunny is so cute.


Sew Wilde said...
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Angelcat said...

Hope the bullying issues are over, poor Becki. Your stitching is beautiful!

Julie said...

Good Luck Becki with the audition, maybe these horrid girls are jealou sof your wonderful daughter and that she is achieving.

Nice stitchy progress and finishes

Annette said...

Wow lovely stitching youhave done last week.
Thumbs up for the girls!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's awful for poor Becki, I hope things settle down for her soon.

I am so glad my guys are out of the school systems.

Gill in Canada

Maxine said...

I hope Becki get's through the rest of her school day's without any more bullying. Keeping my fingers crossed for the audition. WOW you got a lot of stitching done,great work :)

Shellie said...

Family tree looks fantasic and of course I adore that AOY I have done that one for myself.
Great stitchingas always hun
Hope Bec ki is ok and will soon be out of the bullies way,they didnt have FB in my day thank god as the bullying at school was bad enough
HAng in ther eBecki these ppl are just not weorth it
Hugs to you both

Kaisievic said...

Good luck to Becki on her audition. I think that you did a lot of stitching for such a stressful week.

Kaisievic said...

Good luck to Becki on her audition. I think that you did a lot of stitching for such a stressful week.

Kaisievic said...

Good luck to Becki on her audition. Giselle woudl be beautiful.

Lovely stitching - you managed to do a lot in a busy week. By the way what is an AOY?

Sally said...

I hope things improve for Becki and good luck to her for a audition.

All your stitching looks wonderful.

Mich said...

Wow, this family tree is really beautiful !!!! Awsome !!!

Barb said...

Hope Becki's audition went well. Great finishes and wip's. That one for charity is just too cute.

Srinity said...

I hope Becki's audition went well and she'll be accepted. She seems to be a strong girl and I hope she will have a peaceful time for the last 50 days of school. I'm sure she will do great in her life unlike the bullies.

Your Family tree looks great and you are almost at the finishing line with it. Your other stitching projects are beautiful too.