Monday, 1 February 2010

Christmas Window started

Well I started my Christmas Window piece but there isn't a lot to show yet! I think it is going take me more than 12 months for this one.... so maybe 2011 it'll be done!! You may be able to make out the bottom of the man's coat, some brown window frame and a red toy bus! Several people asked where the chart was from, I think I got back to you personally but if not it is from The World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 156.
I have also been working on a Somebunny square for my Charity, he is nearly finished. I have enjoyed working on him, he is so cute.

This week I have my Family Tree on the rota again but I also started an All our Yesterdays piece at Stitch club and want to finish it for the end of the month for my Aunt and Uncle's Golden wedding.

Stuart's job interview went well and although he didn't get the Co-ordinater's job he may still move there as a standard English teacher, so good news in the long run!

Becki finally had her acceptance letter from Halesowen College, and they had another open day on Saturday.... so we went around again and had a good chat to the dance teacher etc. Sadly some of the bullying has flaired up again..... I suppose it was wishful thinking that it should just go away. It is mainly only one girl now and Becki is trying to ignore it but I know she is counting down the days now until she leaves school, especailly as she has her college place sorted.

Stuart has flu at the moment, so I have had to nurse him over the weekend! I just hope I don't get it next!

Until next time, happy stitching.

Ginnie xx


Margaret said...

Well done to the girls and best wishes to Stuart- hope your nursing does the trick and he is soon well
Love the stitching

Miss 376 said...

So pleased you have good news. Let's hope the next few months pass quickly, so the girls can move on. Somebunny will make someone very happy

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. I have seen this piece in the magazine and there is a LOT of stitching. Glad you have lots of good news.

Cath said...

Lovely start , and somebunny is so cute.
I'm sure Becki will cope just fine now she has something to look forward to . Hope your hubby gets the job sorted . XXX

Shellie said...

Greta stitching as always
Welldone tto the girls and Hope Stuart is better soon Hugs Shellie

Julie said...

Great start on the new WIP, love that bunny one

Good news that the college place is confirmed, and about the job for hubby too, hope he is soon feeling better and didn't share germs with you

stitcheranon said...

Fantstic news about the college: that must be a huge relief. Hope Stuart gets better soon!

Annette said...

Love your Somebunny.. Great progress on the new start.

Angelcat said...

Somebunny is so cute!

Maggie said...

the college acceptance letters must have all gone out at the same time, Stevie got hers too yesterday. She will be glad for a fresh start too, we have had to deal with bulling on and off ever since she started high school, it's upsetting but i think she is learnig to take no notice now and just sees the people for what they are, usually jealous spiteful girls.

Sorry your husband didn't get the post he went for but still good news anyway, at least he willhave a job.

Your new stitchy start is lovely, i think i have that mag somewhere amongst the billion i have lol.

have a good week x

Chiloe said...

Beautiful stitching !!! Of course, I just love the somebunny : I have several waiting to be stitch ;-)

Can't believe that girl still bully your daughter. I hope Becky will manage to get over it. At least, she knows she won't see her anymore soon ;-)

Hope your husband get better soon.

Redwitch said...

Just catching up with you, you've done some lovely stitching!

Hope your hubs feels better soon and your daughter will have a great time at her new college, soon.

Barb said...

Cute finish and great progress on your WIP. Congrats to your daughter for getting accepted at college. She won't have to put up with the girl bullying her much longer. Hope Stuart gets to feeling better.