Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fantastic Family Tree

Hope you are all ok........ I am fine but cold!! We have had a fair bit of snow here since Tuesday and they forecast more tonight! The girls school has been closed as they had a burst water pipe so they have had an extended Christmas break! The cold also killed my car battery... I had to beg a lift to work on Thursday and then use Stuart's car on Friday. Managed to get a new battery fitted now but could have done with out the expense just after Christmas.
My dad came out of hospital on Wednesday, his scan showed he has gallstones, but because of his age they don't want to operate. He has to follow a low fat diet and go back in 3 months. He is still in some pain but getting better slowly, mom and the dog were very pleased to get him home!!
So from the title you can guess I have been working on my Family Tree! I am so pleased with how much I have done. I managed to alter the frame so you can see the whole thing in all its glory!! Since my last posting on this back in Nov I have completed such a lot. The family on the right are now stitched just some back stitching to do and all of the border at the bottom is complete. I am hoping to get this finished by the summer..... I hope I can do it!!
I have also had my first finish of 2010. I am doing some Fairy Tale alphabet letters for "Stitch for Charity" and I am loving them..... they are so sweet. Here is letter A and I am working on B now. I really want to do more for the charity this year as I had a big lapse last year. I have been going on the forum more and was very pleased to see the first quilt with one of my squares in this week!
Finally today my sewing machine found its way out of the garage.... boy it was cold! And I was able to put together my January piece. The ribbon hanger want a bit off track but it seems to be hanging ok. I have started February and will show my progress on that one next time!
On Tuesday this coming week Becki has her interview/audition for Halesowen College..... so please all keep your fingers crossed for her. A couple of her friends had their interviews last week (other courses) and have got places! Laura is still waiting to hear from her chosen college!
On my rota I am going back to work on my Mermaid piece.
Until next time.
Ginnie xx


Annette said...

Glad your father is better now.
Love the the finish.
keeo my fingers crossed for the girls...

stitcheranon said...

I am pleased it was nothing more serious, and your dad is home.
Great work on the family tree and the hanger is lovely. Very cute.
I am sure the girls are loving their time off. NO ROI schools will be opening before Thursday, and even that is hit and miss.

Fingers crossed for the college place!

Lesleyanne said...

Will keep my fingers crossed for your girls. I hope your Dad continues on his path of recovery and love the stitching as always. When will you be working on Henry again can't wait to see your progress.

Miss 376 said...

So glad your dad is back home and hope the college interview goes well. Family tree looks magnificent, great to see it in all it's glory

Tracy said...

I'm glad to hear your father is home.
It's so cool to watch your children prepare for their future lives as adults! I hope your daughters get into their choice of colleges.
Your work is lovely, as always and I like the new blog set up. Stay warm!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Good news about your dad :) the family tree is looking good and I love your finish

Shellie said...

Hi Hun
the family tree is fantastic as is ur other stitching
I saw one of my squares on tthe bunnie blanket too so Im well chuffed.
Fingers crossed for Becki.
Happy New Years stitching
Hugs Shellie

PS check out SFPSFC blog Ive just updated it with pics of the kiddies we help

Annie said...

Nice to hear that your Dad is feeling a bit better. Hope things settle down now and he continues to feel ok.

Your Family Tree piece is so fabulous. And you've made so much great progress on it!

Angelcat said...

Wow your family tree is looking wonderful and I love your January piece. Lokking forward to seeing February :)

Carla said...

Glad your dad is doing better, pain from gallbladder stones os horrible!!
Good luck to Becki in her interview!

Family tree looks great!

Julie said...

Great news about your dad, i hope the pain soon eases for him

FT looks wonderful, love the little A finish and your ornie looks brill

Good luck at the interview, hope all goes well

Lisa said...

I am glad to hear that the diagnosis wasn't more serious for your family. I know that is a relief for the whole family and good to have him back home. Your family tree is coming along beautifully, I am so glad to see that you took it out and have begun to work on it again. It is such a wonderful piece! Congrats on your first finishes for 2010.
Take care,

Sally said...

Glad to hear your Dad is home and doing better.

Wow your Family Tree is really coming along now. It looks huge!

Love the L*K finish and the charity square is so sweet.

Hope Becki's interview went well. Keeping my finger's crossed.

Terri said...

Glad your father is doing better. I hope the girls are back in school. Your stitching is beautiful.

stitcherw said...

Good luck to both your girls, and I'm glad your dad is doing better. The little alphabet fairy is so cute, and your LK finish looks wonderful.