Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Little ballerinas

I have very nearly finished the little ballerinas picture for Becki's dance teacher. In fact since I took this photo at the weekend I now have just the last bit of the curtain left to do. We are going to finish it on a nice ornate hanging, just need to buy that. I think Becki will wait until July when she leaves dancing to give it to Rachel. I have enjoyed doing this and fancy doing the Nutcracker one in the same series.

Here is the card I made for my dad's 75th birthday last week. We didn't do much for the occasion just a take away and a bottle of wine. It was very nice.

Since my last post it has been the girl's 18th birthday too. (see new photo at side) we had a lovely big party and all had a great time. Laura has now finished college and just has to go in for exams and Becki has just 2 more days to go. She is now looking for a part time job for the summer.... not easy though when you have no experience!
I have also taken up a new hobby. Well actually gone back to a hobby I loved before - dress making.
I have dusted the sewing machine out and bought a fancy dress costume pattern. When the girls go to university they tend to have a lot of fancy dress parties, especially in the first week - Fresher's week. So I thought I would get back into machine sewing with costumes first then move onto other stuff for me and the girls. I am doing the cavegirl outfit for Becki first, then the toga one for Laura. So far so good !!!

Lastly I have started a new piece of stitching (yes I know I have many others to finish... but oh well!) This is for Laura. It is from an old World of Cross Stitching magazine that I have fancied stitching for ages. Well now is the time as hopefully when Laura is at Nottingham University she will get the chance to go to Rome in November. So I want to get this done for then. I will just write the year 2012 smaller below the word Rome.

Happy Stitching
Ginnie xxxx


Lesleyanne said...

Ballerinas is lovely. Good luck with the dress making. Look forward to seeing your progress on your Rome Stitch. A lovely card for your Dad.

Sew Wilde said...

Beautiful stitching! Can' wait to see the Rome picture. I think it will be fab when done. I sew also and I find it just as relaxing as stitching.


Maggie said...

Lovely stitching Jayne:-)

I like the Rome stitching you have planned, it will be a great keep sake.

You will soon have an empty nest in which to practice your sewing, until they both descend back on you with all the washing, lol

have fun x

Button Ginger said...

I hope you don't mind, but I would like to add you to my blog roll.

Kaisievic said...

The ballerina stitchery is so cute! Very sweet.

Jeremy & Lois said...

you can get some good cross stitch card kits from

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Lindos trabalhos!