Thursday, 2 February 2012

This famous blog

While flicking through the latest issue of World of Cross Stitching I was surprised to see an article on "websites we love" that mentioned my blog. What an honour, especially as I have only just got back into blogging! I feel famous !!!

Since my last post I have just a couple of small pieces to show you. Firstly this Buzz Lightyear square is for a charity quilt. We are trying to do a Toy Story/Super heroes one for a very sick little boy. I am working on Woody now.

I am also stitching a liquorice allsorts jar for Becki who is just mad about them!! For Christmas I bought both the girls a fleece blanket and they want me to sew small cross stitch pictures on them so they can take it to University. I will show a photo of the whole blankets at some point but they barely part with them!! I should have this finished by next post. The chart is from WOCS magazine.

Lastly here is the card I have now completed that the girls gave to their friend for her 18th birthday. I believe she really liked it.

Becki has now applied for University Dance courses after getting a "no" from the Dance Schools she auditioned at. It has been a very stressful time as she has been very upset about it all but is now coming to terms with it and moving on. Least she can still pursue her love of dancing just not at such a high standard.

Laura has an interview at Reading University next week, although Nottingham is still her favourite.

Happy stitching
Ginnie xxx


Shebafudge said...

Ooooohh get you, little miss famous. Can I have your autograph? Seriously though...congratulations on being featured!

I love the allsorts jar you're stitching - my favourites!

Happy stitching!

Annette said...

What a beautifull pieces!!
Love them alll..
And those allsorts.. mmmmm.
What a great idea... love too she the plaid at it's end... good luck with it

Jennifer Lou said...

Well done sweetie. :)

You deserve it. x

Gill - That British Woman said...

well done on the mention in the magazine.

Gill in Canada

Wendy said...

congratulations, now I finally know a famous person !
any change you can get me Brad Pitt´s phone number ?

love your stitching !

Sally said...

Congratulations Jayne!

Cute finishes!

Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

Wow how exciting for you to see your blog in the magazine. Your projects look great .hope your daughters find what they want soon.It's so hard for the youngster these days.
x catherine

Mangogirl said...

lovely stitching.

Kaisievic said...

Oh, how wonderful to be in the magazine - I know someone famous! I love the allsorts jar - licorice allsorts are also my favourite jar.

Good luck to the girls on their uni choices.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Gems said...

How fantastic that your blog was mentioned! You must be really proud of yourself, but your stitching is amazing, looking forward to keeping updated with your blog

Gem x

Fee said...

You are famous! I have read your blog from time to time and thought well I must comment now! Good luck to your daughters, very stressful and you will miss them when the time comes!