Sunday, 8 January 2012

First card finish of the year.

I am pleased with how quickly I stitched this Forever Friends ted. I only started him last weekend. He is out of the latest issue of WOCS magazine. The chart had the candles all different colours but I went with just the lilac. He is so cute I wish I was keeping him myself ! But he is for one of the girl's bestest friends who turns 18 in a couple of weeks. I kept the card simple so she could just remove the Happy Birthday sticker and frame the picture. I hope she does.

Because I worked on this all week I have done no more stitching on Pension Day. I want to start another small cute picture for another card soon but have just realised I need to stock up on a particular DMC colour required in the chart.

Otherwise I am still stitching squares for my charity and may start one of those instead until I get to the shop.

Had a tiring weekend, not because I went out but because the girls have had late nights out and I tend to wait up for them (or have to pick them up late !) I suppose that is the joys of having 17 year old daughters. Next Saturday we are going to London again as Becki has an audition at London Contemporary Dance School, I hope she gets a good outcome from this as we all liked this school when we visited in October. So fingers crossed !!

Hope you have all had a good week.

Ginnie xx


Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

This is so cute and I'm sure will be well received. I know what you mean with teenagers and late nights!!
Glad to see you back stitching and hope all goes well in london
x catherine

Sally said...

That is so cute Jayne!

Good luck to Becki!

Nicola said...

That's a lovely card Jayne.

I wish Becki the best of luck in London!

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous card Ginnie. I love forever friends. Good luck to Becki. I hope it goes well.

Maggie said...

Love the card:-)

Lots of luck to Becki with her audition on Saturday!

Mangogirl said...

What a lovely finish.

Annette said...

What a beautifull card!!!
Great job on it!!

Veerle said...

found your blog today!

Love the stitching you make!! I will put your blog in my favs....

greetings from Belgium!

Wendy said...

lovely card, FF are just too cute !

and I do like the fact that I can comment here, jippey !

Jennifer Lou said...

Your stitching is very lovely and neat! I just can't get the hang of it. I recently finished a large chart that took me 10 months to complete! They just never look as neat and tidy as yours, I'm a beginner and perhaps sometimes I lack patience to make sure I use the correct techniques for each and every thread!

All I can say is thank goodness for the wonderful likes of Cross Stitcher Magazine, with there great charts and step by step instructions!

Rhona said...

Oh, the card is lovely.... I do hope she frames it (maybe you should drop some hints!!)
Good luck to your daughter!