Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A happy Henry

Henry VIII now has all his wives! All stitched and showing their lovely dresses! I also completed all of the bottom part, the Tudor Rose with the crown on top.

Here is the photo, sorry while it is still on the frame I had to wind up some of the bottom part so you could see all of the people!

And here is a closer photo of the last 2 wives who have been the recent finishes. I was struggling with the brown in the centre of Catherine Howard's dress I ended up having to mark off the chart as I kept losing my place. I know many people do that anyway but I usually don't.

Now just the rest of the border to do. I will get some more done at Stitch Club tomorrow but I also need to finish as Easter Card and start a card for Becki's friend Hannah. So it'll be a few more weeks until my "Happy Dance" finish.... but not long now!

I also made my mum this for Mother's Day. It was a freebie in a recent World of Cross Stitching magazine. I left it right until the last minute and only finished it a few days before. She really liked it though.

Nearly Easter Holidays here, Laura and Stuart break up on Friday but poor Becki has another week to go.... her college had to be awkward!

I will have a few days off over Easter, so that's something to look forward too.

Happy Stitching

Ginnie xx


Sally said...

Wow, Jayne, Henry look stunning with all his wives :)

Lovely gift for your Mum.

Cath said...

Looking fantastic . Hope you get your happy dance soon .X

Lesleyanne said...

Henry is looking great - not long now - looking forward to your happy dance. Lovely gift for your mum. Enjoy your easter break.

Marlene said...

I love your Henry and his wives, one of those project's you love when it's finished.

Annette said...

henry looks great ..almost finished.. nice job.

Beautifull Mothersday gift

Miss 376 said...

Wow, it's wonderful. Not much longer now

Julie said...

Henry looks fab!

Beautiful gift for mum

Happy Easter Hols

Danielle said...

Hello Jayne, its Danielle! I'm just learning how to do this whole Blogging thing!
Henry looks absolutely amazing, well done!
I will email you tomorrow :) I am trying to find the link on here to follow your blog...hmm, no where is it?!
Love to all x x

Shellie said...

Henry and his wives are stunning reminds me of a tapestry my Granddad did many years ago that still hangs on my nan's wall.
Lovely gift for Mum too.
Happy stitching

Rhona said...

Henry and his wives look great!
I don't know how you manage to stitch without marking off the chart... I mark off and still make mistakes!

Blu said...

Henry and the ladies look stunning! Yay for being in the home stretch.

Anonymous said...

Henry is looking great. Hope your happy dance come soon.
Lovely butterfly gift for your mum. Ive still got that to stitch up, along with all the other free gifts!

Daffycat said...

*squee* Lovely seeing Henry almost completed!

Wendy said...

Heny looks great !
( to be honnest, I do like the Henry from the Tudor´s tv series a bit better, lol ! )
I usually don´t mark my charts eather, but sometimes I do need to make a copy to keep track of where I am,whatever works, right ?

wonderful gift, love the way you´ve finnished it.

have some nice day´s with your family !

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Gorgeous work! What fabric do you work on?