Sunday, 27 February 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary

It was my parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary on Friday and we had a wonderful night out. 19 of us (all family) went out for a lovely meal, Stuart made a cake and it was great to see everyone.
Here is the card I made them, they really liked it.

And here is a photo of me with Mum and Dad, I love this photo and am going to get a copy printed to be framed.

As I have had a few days off work I have been able to spend time stitching. I have worked on Henry quite a bit but when I look back at my last post with the last photo of him I'm sure I can't see a huge amount of difference. I will post another photo next week.
I thought instead I would share with you "Safe Haven" I am doing this as a SAL but feel it is really coming along now. It has lots of blended colours and the central part is in 2 threads whereas the outer edge is in 1 thread!

It is my birthday tomorrow so I booked another day off work. I am having a girly day out at the shops then lunch out! Then back to work Tuesday !
Happy Stitching
Ginnie xx


Miss 376 said...

Congratulations to your mum and dad
Love the colours in safe haven, very relaxing

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations to your Mum and Dad. Love the card you made. Great picture of the three of you. Great progress on your wip. Happy Birthday for tomorrow have a great day.

Annette said...

Congratz with your mum and dad, lovely picture!!
lovely card!
great SAL.
Have a great birthday :)

annelize said...

Safe haven is looking good. I did a design from that series and it stitsched up really well. I framed it in a plain silver frame and I still love it years later.

Lovely picture of your parents and you. They don't look old enough to have been married so long!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to you

Super card for your parents and the photo of the three of you is wonderful

Love the colours of your SAL

loulee said...

Happy Birthday. Enjoy the shops.

Justflo said...

Lovely card you made for your parents. Many congrats to them. Safe Haven looks very pretty, like the colours they look sort of 'gentle'

Sally said...

Beautiful card. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad. Love the photo.

Gorgeous progress on Safe Haven.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Shellie said...

Gorgeous card I bet they loved it.
Great progress too

Gill - That British Woman said...

A belated Happy 50th wedding anniversary to your parents and a happy belated Birthday to you as well.

Gill in Canada

Maggie said...

Congratulations to your mum and dad and happy birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day :-)

Lucy said...

The card is beautiful!!

CalamityJr said...

Hope your birthday was great. The photo with your parents is very special; I'm glad you plan to frame it.