Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Christmas is forever

I have finished work today for a 3 day holiday, so with the weekend I have 5 days off.... so I hope I get some good stitching time in that!
Last week Laura had her lower brace fitted and really suffered. She was in pain all night and I ended up keeping her at home on Wednesday just to catch up on her sleep. She is a lot better now and when her teeth are lovely it'll be all worth it.
We also went to look around King Edward's Sixth form college which is about 3 miles away. Laura loved it and really hopes she can get a place there to do A levels in History, Classical Civilisations, Pyschology and English Language. You need to be predicted high grades in your GCSEs which she is.... so fingers crossed. She is filling in the form this week but the closing date isn't until January and then the final decisions aren't made until March!! Mind you we'll need plenty of time to save some money as 2 of the courses involve trips to Madrid and Rome..... nice!
Becki has to wait until 10th Nov for a look around the college she wants to go to.
As for any stitching I only have one to show. This is the Lizzie Kate I mentioned on my last post, it is Christmas is Forever and I think I made good progress on it.

This week is Henry week again, plus small Christmas pieces inbetween. I am aiming to get another wife complete!!

Tomorrow we are going to order the girl's Prom dresses, hopefully. Then on Friday Stuart is off to Poland with the British American Youth Football Team to play a friendly game. He isn't back until Sunday so I have a couple of days just me and the girls. Hopefully we are going to Worcester for a day out on Friday, if it is dry!

Until next time.

Ginnie x


Annie said...

"Another wife completed"... imagine what a non-stitcher would think who visits your blog!

Shellie said...

Just love the christmas LK so cute
great work as usual

Gaynor said...

The LK is lovely. Fantastic colours!

Miss 376 said...

I agree with Gaynor, the colours are lovely. Hope you get your day out with the girls

Annette said...

Lovely christmas stitching..
Good luck on the dress shopping.
Fingers crossed for the girls.
Enjoy your weekend

Daffycat said...

A darling new start, Ginnie! Yay, I'm looking forward to Henry...you're getting so close to a finish on that one!

Srinity said...

I have that same Lizzie Kate pack and I love it. I'm trying to start it before Christmas. :)
I hope Laura is not in so much pain now. She will be happy when the treatment is over and she has beautiful teeth.

Julie said...

Love the new pic of the girls on your sidebar Ginnie, they look lovely.

LK is gorgeous

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely start on the christmas LK. Love the colours too.