Sunday, 28 December 2008

Santa was very kind!

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas, we certainly did. Both Stuart and my parents treated me to some new charts.... I did give Stuart a long wish list.... so he had some guidance. Here is what I received. The one LHN chart has the threads included aswell (Crescent colours). Now I have to decide which to do first!! I have also ordered some 32ct evenweave to start "I Do" and I am going to use 2 of the Gentle Arts threads it recommends as well as the usual DMC - I am keen to start to try other threads.
We had Christmas Dinner at our house and invited my mom and dad over, here they are with the girls waiting for their food!! Stuart was in the kitchen!! Hope you can spot the placecards I made on the table! Mind you we had fun moving the table - it extends to seat 6 but we have to move it out of the dining area into the middle of the lounge, so the one settee has to move too.... all worked out well but I seem to have hurt my back doing all the furniture moving!! It has been hurting ever since! Laura has also had ear ache over the last couple of days.... a continuation of the cold thing she keeps getting back... there are a lot of cold and flu bugs around in the Midlands (according to the local news!)

Today we went for a nice afternoon walk to wake us all up!!! We have a lot of nice countryside nearby so we took the dog and had a stroll over "Enville Common" it was packed everyone had the same idea.

I have been stitching but have no update photos today, I have mainly worked on Johnny Depp and Pirate's Creed. I will post pictures of that next time.

Ginnie x


Julie said...

Lovley pic of your family Ginnie, nice stash too.

Gaynor said...

Looks like you had a great christmas. Hope your back is better soon...perhaps you had better put your feet up, rest....and do some Johny Depp lol

Wendy said...

Happy Christmas Jayne!! Loved your family photo! And what a lovely stash!! Bet you can't wait to get started huh!! 2009 all stitched up! literally!
Hope you have a wonderful New year too hun, Been such a pleasure getting to know you during 2008, long may it continue.

Daffycat said...

Ya can't beat stash for Christmas! Great presents you received! I love stitching with overdyed cottons, they are my favorite next to DMC.

Ouch! I hope your back feels better soon!

Cindy F. said...

Great family pic. Your girls are so beautiful...and you honestly look like one of their sisters!
Glad you had a nice Christmas and got some wonderful stash!
I hope your bad is feeling better soon and Laura's earache stops aching!

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photo of the family, I too have a bad back, so I feel your pain.

I have actually made a start on a cross stitch, should have it finished soon,

Gill in Canada

Rowyn said...

Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas. Great stash!

Hope your back gets better soon.

Miss 376 said...

You certainly won't be stuck for something to do in the new year. Hope everyone will be feeling better soon

Redwitch said...

Lovely photos and great stash :)

I hope you and your daughter feel better soon!

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Lucy said...

You lucky girl!!! All those patterns!!! You're girls look like they are so much fun to have around...always a smile on their adorable faces!!!

Sharon said...

Wow, you surely did hit the stichery-Jackpot this Christmas, didn't you? Love everything you received, too. Lot's of projects to look forward to.

What a great family photo of the girls and your parents. Looks as if everyone was having a fabulous day. :-)

Best Wishes to you and your's in the New Year.

stitcherw said...

Glad that you had a nice Christmas, what a lovely family picture. Sorry that you hurt your back though, hopefully it is better soon. Awesome stash, I have a couple of those as well. I want to do Stitching Mends the Soul as a companion piece to My Needle and My Thread that I finished earlier.

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

Thank you for visit! I hope we can be friend! Happy New Year! Good wishes from Russia! Nika

Theresa said...

Jayne your family dinner looks lovely. I hope your back is better now. Have fun with your new charts.

Shell said...

nice stash,you have a lovely family.My DD wears her hat all day in the house then will take it off when she goes out,teenagers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you got some really nice charts.

Great photo of your family.