Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I can see progress!

Here's the next update of Henry and you can certainly see the progress made since my last post! All of Catherine Parr's dress is now complete. I decided to just stitch the purples, reds and black until her dress was done.
Only the middle of Catherine Howard's dress and the border now.... I will get there soon !
I also finished Safehaven the week before, this has stitched up really quickly and I am very pleased with it. It is hard to tell from the photo the 3D effect from the different thread numbers. I have another one of these charts from an old magazine, I think I will add it to my "to do" list.
I am now going to start the Ballerina one for Becki which is all in sepia colours.
Becki has another college dance show this week, in this one she is performing a solo. They had to choreograph a solo for assessment and then perform it in this show. She choose Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights as her music. Today she will get her grade for the piece, she hopes she has done well as on the day of the assessment she was unwell and didn't feel she'd performed it as well as she could.
Laura is doing really well at college too, she took the first part of her Psychology AS exam back in January and heard last week that she got an A. Her teacher had already said her marks were one of the top ones in the 3 classes she taught! This Sixth Form college has proved great for Laura, she has really excelled. She has to work really hard but they have predicted A/Bs for her grades.
Hope you all have a good week
Ginnie x

Monday, 7 March 2011

Another bit of Henry.

It seems like I have been plodding on with the same bits of Henry for ages without a huge amount of progress. There are still lots to finish on these 2 wives dresses! Will I ever get there??

I had a great birthday, lots of nice cards and some presents. I went out with my mom and friend for a nice girly shop and then lunch.
On Wednesday evening it is my Stitch Club's birthday! The club has been going 11 years (we've only been going just over 3 yrs) so we are having a little party and the local paper are coming to take our photos! We are all bringing something to show on the photo so I am taking Henry!

Happy stitching
Ginnie x