Monday, 24 May 2010

Christmas in the sunshine

It felt odd finishing off my Forever Friends Christmas Stocking this weekend as it was soooo hot here!! In fact too hot to stitch, the really warm weather drains me and by the evening I have hardly any energy to pick up my needle! Luckily I worked on the last bits of back stitch yesterday afternoon on 2 pieces so have 2 to show!

Firstly the lovely Christmas Stocking. I love the Forever Friends teds but have never stitched one..... now that I have I have 2 others lined up to do. He is so cute! The back stitch was a bit of a pain as there were several shades of brown and grey but the effect was worth it in the end.
I have found another Christmas one to do, but have started first a baby Forever Friends ted birth sampler for my cousin and his wife. I had so much thread left from the Anchor kit of the stocking that I am using that up first for the baby ted.
Secondly I have finished another charity square, this is just for a general "boys" theme. I have now started one of a mouse in an aeroplane to match!
I can't believe that the girls only have 2 and half more days until they finish school for their exams. After all they have been through this year I am glad that they have put that behind them and are looking back on their time at school in a happy way. They have made some lovely friends and are going to miss them a lot. They took my camera in to school today and intend taking it in all week to catch some "end of school" moments! It seems very odd to me too, they will catch the bus to college from September so won't be needing my taxi service in a morning. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since I took them to Primary School for their first day, they were fine but I got home and cried my eyes out!!
Next week is also half term week so I am planning a few days holiday and we are hoping to have a day trip out to Bath. We love it there but haven't been for several years. We hope to visit the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen museum. So expect some photos next time.
Until then happy stitching.
Ginnie xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Recent stuff !

Not very original title today....... too tired to think ! I would have posted on Friday at work as I do recently....... but I seem to have managed to break the internet at work and the lads were too busy to look at it!! I hope it gets sorted tomorrow, I do need it quite a bit for actual work not just leisure !
Last week I finished the second Art Deco lady, so now I have 2 done but would like to do at least one more before I look into getting some matching frames etc.

Also a little late but my Lizzie Kate "May" flip it is finally finished. I haven't made it up into an ornament yet as my mom has borrowed the sewing machine, so this may not get hung up during May.... never mind. I will still start June soon..... although I think I will be running late on that one too at this rate!

The last few days I have worked on the Christmas Window stitching again. There is a lot still to do but it is certainly taking shape. The dog now has legs and the man has trousers !! I am glad I am enjoying this piece now as I wondered at first if it would turn into a UFO !!

I will try to work on my Family Tree again next week, my rota has fallen apart over the past few weeks but I am back on track now! I have also been stitching on the Forever Friends Christmas kit my Aunt left but I forgot to take a photo!

The girls GCSE time table starts next week, Laura has 3 exams and Becki has 2. Becki also took 2 dance exams today..... poor things, no wonder they are stressed out ! The reality that they are leaving school has struck home and even though they have had a tough term or two they suddenly don't want to leave !

Anyway, I am off for a soak in the bath..... hope you all have a good week.

Ginnie xx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Just smalls !

Well it is Friday again already, that week went quickly. Once again I only have small bits and pieces to show you. I stitched on one of my charity squares all weekend, for a "send along" I joined. I choose a Lickle Ted one, which is very cute.
I also finished my ballet dancing hippo for Becki and put the ballet she is appearing in, the date and EYB (English Youth Ballet) on it. Tomorrow we are off to buy her some new Pointe shoes so she can practise in them (and wear them in!) all ready for the 7th July which is casting day.
My Aunt who has just died had recently got into cross stitching and my uncle has sorted some of her stuff out and passed it onto me. There is a birth sampler to finish off for a friend of theirs, which I will do and also there was a Forever Friends Christmas kit. We aren't sure who she bought it for but I intend to stitch it for her grandchildren. I haven't done much yet but this is what it will look like. It is very odd and sad stitching on it, but I know she would have wanted it to be done not just left in a bag!
On Monday we had a family reunion on Stuart's side of the family. He has an Aunt and Uncle who now live in Canada and they came over to visit. It has been 10 years since we last saw them so it was lovely to meet up again.
Then on Tuesday it was the girl's 16th birthday. Here is a photo of them before they went out for their birthday meal. They had a great time with all their real friends! And now they have lots of cash to spend!! Their has been no problems with the "silly" girls this week, thank goodness. They leave school on the 27th May (later than a lot of the other local schools) then their last exam is the 23rd June, it'll fly by !
Anyway hope you all have a good weekend.
Ginnie xx