Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dressmaking skills

Here is my dressmaking update, I am obsessed with looking at fabric online at the moment and trying not to keep buying it. I also have a very old machine, I think we bought it in the early 1980s so it only does the basics but it works for me and I don't want to change to anything new just yet !
So I just finished the jacket for Laura and managed to get a better photo in the natural light. I also put a dress under the jacket on the hanger so you can see the shape better. I sent her the photo too and she thinks it looks good. Just hope it fits fine now.
It was very simple really, front and sleeve are all one piece and no fastenings or anything.

I made this to go with the dress she wants me to make. I found a lovely fabric with Russian dolls on and sent her the picture to see what she thought. Her response was she wanted a dress made from it and choose New Look 6143 pattern.

I am doing the pink version in the middle with no sleeves. I have made just the top part up in scrap fabric to see what the fit is going to be like. She is back home on the 13th Feb so I will check the fit then and then start the actual dress. Becki also likes this pattern and wants me to do one like the model is wearing, which is a red underlay dress with lace overlay (no challenge there then!)

Lastly here is the top pattern I have been using. I made the main one with straps for me (sorry no photo this time) then have 2 more lots of fabric. The light blue is for Laura she has picked the strapless version - bottom left. And the terracotta Broderie Anglaise is for me to do the top - top right. This is Simplicity pattern 4127.

So lots to keep me going and several more plans on my to do list.

Thanks for looking

Ginnie xx


Sew Wilde said...

Lovely jacket! I love the New Look dress pattern-can't wait to see the dresses you are sewing.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I wish I could sew like you, just need more patience I guess. I too am back to blogging.

Gill in Canada

stitcherw said...

Fun projects, I love the idea of sewing cloths as you can get the exact material and pattern that you like. However, when I tried it a few years back sewing and I just did not get on.
Your project Disney Dreams is looking wonderful, it will be so gorgeous when it's finished.

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