Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dressmaking skills

Here is my dressmaking update, I am obsessed with looking at fabric online at the moment and trying not to keep buying it. I also have a very old machine, I think we bought it in the early 1980s so it only does the basics but it works for me and I don't want to change to anything new just yet !
So I just finished the jacket for Laura and managed to get a better photo in the natural light. I also put a dress under the jacket on the hanger so you can see the shape better. I sent her the photo too and she thinks it looks good. Just hope it fits fine now.
It was very simple really, front and sleeve are all one piece and no fastenings or anything.

I made this to go with the dress she wants me to make. I found a lovely fabric with Russian dolls on and sent her the picture to see what she thought. Her response was she wanted a dress made from it and choose New Look 6143 pattern.

I am doing the pink version in the middle with no sleeves. I have made just the top part up in scrap fabric to see what the fit is going to be like. She is back home on the 13th Feb so I will check the fit then and then start the actual dress. Becki also likes this pattern and wants me to do one like the model is wearing, which is a red underlay dress with lace overlay (no challenge there then!)

Lastly here is the top pattern I have been using. I made the main one with straps for me (sorry no photo this time) then have 2 more lots of fabric. The light blue is for Laura she has picked the strapless version - bottom left. And the terracotta Broderie Anglaise is for me to do the top - top right. This is Simplicity pattern 4127.

So lots to keep me going and several more plans on my to do list.

Thanks for looking

Ginnie xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What I am working on

As promised a little photo update.
I was going to post a photo of the jacket I am stitching Laura using the pattern I showed earlier but it is in dark navy and I can't get a great photo in this light with flash on. I also need to finish the sleeve edge, so a photo of that will have to be another time.
So just cross stitch this time.
Here is my progress on the Disney Dreams Sleeping Beauty - this is quite a challenge, on 18 ct aida with lots of colours so it is slow going but I am loving how it is turning out.

Then this is the birth sampler I have only just started. It is from World of Cross Stitching 188. The toys have either blue or pink added bits. This is for a work colleague whose wife is due to have their first baby the end of July. They don't know yet if it is a boy or girl so I am just doing the colours that are in both versions.

As for an update on my life in general, well nothing has really changed since the post in 2013. The girls are now in their final year of University and will be graduated in the summer. So I aim to sew me a nice dress for both graduations ! They plan on coming back home. Laura wants to do an MA in Antiquity at Birmingham Uni (part time) and work part time. Becki wants to come home to work and then in 2016 do an MA in ballet studies at Roehampton Uni in London. This is the plan but neither have sent in their applications yet. Will be strange to have a full house again and I have no idea where all their acquired stuff will go !!
Until next time
Ginnie xx

New blog title

I have been away a long time again and I am sorry BUT I am now back and with a slightly different blog title (I have left the web address the same)
Over the last few months I have really got back into dressmaking as well as still doing some cross stitch. So decided to start up the blog again to show my progress on both. Hence the new title !
So my posts from now on will be either cross stitch themed or dressmaking themed.

I will update with photos later but this is what I am working on -

Cross Stitch - Disney Dreams - Sleeping Beauty and Pension Day (from an old magazine on my WIP list for ages!) My daughter Becki also now cross stitches (yeah) so I will sometimes post her work too. And just started a birth sampler for a friend.

Dressmaking - About to finish a nice linen jacket for Laura. About to start a summer top for me in Broderie Anglaise and part way through a top for Laura (she needs a fitting and isn't home until mid Feb)

Here is the pattern I am using for the jacket NEWLOOK 6217.

Back later with photos and more updates
Ginnie xx


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

About time I posted again !

I have had a lot of nagging from friends on Facebook asking when I am going to blog again...... so tonight I thought I would get around to it.
I can't promise I will be a regular again though ! But I will try harder.
So my last post was February, since then not much has changed. I still work for the same company but we moved offices in July and now I work about 7 minutes away - it is great !
My family are all doing well, the girls are now in their 2nd year of university and still loving it and doing very well. Laura is currently in Verona with her classics society, she visits Venice on Friday then back Saturday. I speak to them via email or text daily but don't see them as often as I would like. Next visit is the end of November, but I am getting used to it and they are happy. They both have their own rented houses now and enjoy their independence.
Here's 2 of the latest pictures I could find of them. (Laura left Becki right)

As for stitching I have been doing lots of Christmas stuff over the last month and nearly have all my cards done. But my biggest finish was the Medieval Lady by Joan Elliot. This one is for Laura and now I am doing the Victorian Lady for Becki.
So here's some of my finishes -

The cupcake cards are for the girls, Becki is an amazing cup cake maker and Laura enjoys sampling them ! So cakes seemed a good theme this year. Working on a "Christmas Carol Tiny Tim" one for Stuart, which I will show next time.
Anyway until next time - happy stitching
Ginnie xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

9th February 2013

Just got 2 to show you today.
I added another to my rota..... request from Becki. She wanted a "home sweet home" type thing for her new house she is renting in Sept at uni with her friends. She saw this in the latest World of Cross Stitch and wanted it straight away. It isn't one I would normally choose but I am loving it.
It has lots of blocks of colours which makes it an easy stitch, especailly if I have taken it to work to stitch on quietly when no one is around !
Then this is my progress on Pension day, the right hand side is coming together well. Just the other half to work on now. Maybe I will get this done this year for my mum and dad, they have been waiting a while !!


This week I have been working on the Rome Lady and a bit more on the Home design. I will update those again next time.I am pleased that I am loving my stitching at the moment and have been spending a lot of time on it, so this year should have more finishes than last.
Happy Stitching

Friday, 25 January 2013

25th Jan

Lovely to see I have 4 comments already from my earlier post saying "I am back" nice to know I was missed !
Since my last posting in May '12 things have changed a lot here as both daughters are now settled and happy away at university. Although it did seem odd at first I have got used to them being away and enjoy my free evenings to stitch. Luckily we chat everyday thanks to the internet and they come home every 3 to 4 weeks, or we go and visit them.
At Christmas I looked back at my stitching for the year and it was very poor show ! So I decided to work harder in 2013 and work on one larger piece a week in a rota like I used to.
So here are my 4 pieces in my rota -
This one is Pension Day, I am actually working on this at the moment so this is how it started on Monday. I will update again after Sunday's final stitch.

This is Poppy Pixie, a Nora Corbett design.
This one hasn't got much to show yet!


This one is Rome Lady. I mentioned this last year and was aiming to do it for Laura. But she went to Pompeii instead of Rome so I am saving this for when she does go to Rome !

This one is my new start, from.the christmas World of Cross Stitch.magazine. 1920s Christmas scene. I am loving this!

Hope these show ok on my blog because it has been a pain putting the photos on and adding the text, this part has changed since I blogged last year !

Happy Stitching
Ginnie xxx

I am coming back to blogland

I miss blogging and miss having somewhere to post my progress on my stitching.
So I will return and post some WIP photos at the weekend !
I have gone back to my 4 pieces rota, one a week and I think I work better like that.
This weekend will end my first set of 4 weeks so need to show progress !!

Ginnie xx