Monday, 25 January 2010

More from Henry

Morning all, I am still having problems with my PC, it needs looking at but it'll have to wait. Finally got it going again this morning so I can blog!
Last week was a good week, Laura's interview went really well. Although they can't say she definitely has a place they were pretty confident that she would, in fact her grades were only one off getting her an automatic place. She will hear off them on the 19th March.
On Friday we rang up Halesowen College as Becki had still had nothing in the post and several of her friends had. Stuart spoke to the Head of Dance who remembered Becki and said she didn't know why she hadn't been told on the day, her audition and interview had been really good and she certainly had a place! She is now chasing up the acceptance letter!
Now this week it is Stuart's turn. His school is closing the end of August and he has an interview for a job on Thursday at another local school. This job is for a Co-ordinater of English.... so a promotion.... fingers crossed again!
Now to stitching, I have been really good and put in a lot of work on Henry, although it still looks like there's a long way to go! Anne's dress is nearly done, just some of the brown at the bottom and Catherine now has hands and a book she is reading!
I have also finished the February Flip it, I will make it up into an ornament next weekend. As I already have March done I can have a month off.... although my mom wants an ornament piece of stitching to hang up in her lounge, so I may fit that in during February.
Lastly here is a picture of my new start that on my list for this week. It is a lovely Christmas Window shopping scene. Lots of work in it as you can see.... so I hope I can get it done for this Christmas. I have just sorted the blues out to start on the man's coat first. I will also be working on my next Charity square this week which is a cute Somebunny picture.
I hope to keep up with everyone else's blog.... but for some reason work have now blocked my access to Blogger too.... even though it was doing no harm. They blocked my Hotmail email too but I managed to get them to put that back on..... they reckon they can't see why I can't get on Blogger.... but it worked before and suddenly stopped on Thursday. I'll keep working on them!! So with a slow PC too I will be rarely on here :-( Luckily I bring home my work laptop at a weekend so that's when I'll have to try to catch up.
Until next time.
Ginnie xx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mermaid progess

I finally got on my PC to post my updates..... for some reason it is on a mega "go slow" and I think it is on it's way out! Luckily I borrowed my work laptop for the weekend.... but my photos were on the PC!
Becki's interview went well at college, and she thinks she got a place there, but they hadn't received her grades from school, so we have to wait for confirmation in the post. Which is a bit frustrating as most of her friends going there were told straight away. Laura got a letter on Thursday to invite her to an interview on Monday (short notice) so we are all nervous again now for tomorrow.
I am pleased with my progress on Enchanted Mermaid, I can see her being finished soon. Lots of back stitch still to do though!
I also finished my letter B of the Fairy Tale alphabet for the Stitch for Charity group.
Then over the weekend I have done another square for the group for a special quilt for twins. This is the boy one and next I'll do a girl one! I couldn't say no to helping a set of twins!

This week Henry will be out again, and I must try to get some more of the February Flip it done.

Until next time,

Ginnie x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fantastic Family Tree

Hope you are all ok........ I am fine but cold!! We have had a fair bit of snow here since Tuesday and they forecast more tonight! The girls school has been closed as they had a burst water pipe so they have had an extended Christmas break! The cold also killed my car battery... I had to beg a lift to work on Thursday and then use Stuart's car on Friday. Managed to get a new battery fitted now but could have done with out the expense just after Christmas.
My dad came out of hospital on Wednesday, his scan showed he has gallstones, but because of his age they don't want to operate. He has to follow a low fat diet and go back in 3 months. He is still in some pain but getting better slowly, mom and the dog were very pleased to get him home!!
So from the title you can guess I have been working on my Family Tree! I am so pleased with how much I have done. I managed to alter the frame so you can see the whole thing in all its glory!! Since my last posting on this back in Nov I have completed such a lot. The family on the right are now stitched just some back stitching to do and all of the border at the bottom is complete. I am hoping to get this finished by the summer..... I hope I can do it!!
I have also had my first finish of 2010. I am doing some Fairy Tale alphabet letters for "Stitch for Charity" and I am loving them..... they are so sweet. Here is letter A and I am working on B now. I really want to do more for the charity this year as I had a big lapse last year. I have been going on the forum more and was very pleased to see the first quilt with one of my squares in this week!
Finally today my sewing machine found its way out of the garage.... boy it was cold! And I was able to put together my January piece. The ribbon hanger want a bit off track but it seems to be hanging ok. I have started February and will show my progress on that one next time!
On Tuesday this coming week Becki has her interview/audition for Halesowen College..... so please all keep your fingers crossed for her. A couple of her friends had their interviews last week (other courses) and have got places! Laura is still waiting to hear from her chosen college!
On my rota I am going back to work on my Mermaid piece.
Until next time.
Ginnie xx

Thursday, 7 January 2010

New blog template

New Year, new blog template.


I'm liking it!!

Ginnie xx

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year.

I want to wish everyone all the best for 2010 and thank you all for visiting my blog in 2009.
We had a lovely Christmas, lots of nice presents and lots of family get togethers. Sadly 2009 didn't end so well as dad was taken ill on Wednesday night and has spent New Year's Eve in hopsital. He has had very pain stomach pain and they think he has a blockage in his colon! We are off to visit him again later as he is still waiting for a scan but it doesn't look like he'll be out today either. So New Year's Eve was a strange, quiet affair with mom and we were all so tired as we'd had little sleep the night before. We are all hoping he is well and back on his feet soon!

One of my presents was the Poppy chart that has been on my wish list for ages!! So looking forward to doing this one! I also had a new storage box to sort my Anchor threads, an assortment of beads and a bead nabber!!

I have also had 3 small finishes over the Christmas holidays making my total for the year an amazing 70 !! Here they are -
This is for on top of a button box, the chart was in the Cross Stitcher magazine earlier in the year.

Here is my Lizzie Kate January Flip It, finished in time but not made up yet!! I am aiming to get it made into the little ornament over the weekend. Then I am all ready to start the February one.

Then lastly here is Robert Pattinson..... I really enjoyed doing him and must do the David Tennant one next especailly as it is his last Dr Who tonight :-(

My one main aim for 2010 is to finish my Family Tree, I have been working on it the past day or two and can see it getting closer to completion! In 2010 I also want to do the remaining Lizzie Kate months, and at least the Summer cushion to match the Spring one. My new project to start as soon as possible is a big Christmas picture. It is a Christmas Toy shop window that was in the World of Cross Stitching magazine just before Christmas. It states it'll take 80 hours.... so I want to start it in January and add it to my rota. I just need to get me some 16 hpi aida as I have none left!! Otherwise I will contiue with all my WIPs and probably do lots of other bits and bobs in between!

Anyway until next time, happy stitching.

Ginnie xx